Fortnite’s Purple Cube Disappeared And Unlocked A Brand New Level

Even though Fortnite is little more than a last man standing game with an attached co-op zombie survival mode in the form of Save The World, Epic has still managed to find ways to implement a story for the game and flesh out the ever-progressing plot involving some of the otherworldly elements. It’s not all just for aesthetics, though, the story elements also affect in-game content, such as opening up a brand new level for players to mess around with.

The Verge has a complete recount of what happened and how the new level made its way into Fortnite. It all started with the Fortnitemares Halloween event, which added brand new content to the game in the form of monsters and other nightmarish elements. During this event a giant purple cube found its way into the sky over the Loot Lake.

The giant purple cube was a relic of mysterious origin, and most people couldn’t figure out what the heck it did. At the beginning of the season the cube began making its way across the map, until it eventually settled over Loot Lake. After the Halloween event wrapped up and Fortnitemares concluded, a rather peculiar thing happened: the cube began to melt.

Yes, the cube began melting into Loot Lake, and it created a vortex in the surrounding area that sucked players into another dimension. This isn’t the first time that a reality-bending event has transpired in Fortnite. Some of you might remember that, following the events of Season 4 after the meteors touched down, Epic began experimenting with the Playground LTM, and shortly after that the meteors opened up the event when an electric rift tore the sky apart in the Battle Royale mode, creating a giant gaping split in the fabric of reality, thanks to the mysterious lightning strike.

This all happened after the countdown event took place, creating the entryway into Season 5. The big difference here is that when the world split asunder as the purple cube melted into the lake, all of the players who were online during the event were sucked into an alternate dimension. This gave gamers a brief look at a completely alternate world before being jettisoned back into the main map. However, something major had changed.

Loot Lake and the floating isle where the purple cube had been located had now become a completely separate set of archipelagos, consisting of tiny little isles within Loot Lake.

It’s not just the map that underwent changes, either. According to The Verge there are also some brand new challenges that have been added to the game, including the “Lil’ Kev” challenges, supposedly named after the purple cube, which the community dubbed “Kevin.” So, even though the cube is gone, its presence will still reverberate throughout the world of Fortnite.

It’s hard to tell if all of these dimensional, world-altering events that take place throughout the game are connected by a linear plot thread or if Epic Games is just experimenting with different ways to change up the map and create new content for Fortnite by using in-game events and light story elements to bridge all of these changes together. Either way, the story of Kevin the Cube has completed and now there’s a brand new section of the map to discover.

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