First Pet Sematary Trailer Convinces Us That Dead Is Better

Sometime, dead is better. That doesn’t mean that Stephen King’s disturbing Pet Sematary should stay dead. Not after seeing this chilling trailer for the 2019 horror movie. New footage just dropped. Give it a look!

Based on the bizarre and brutal novel by acclaimed horror storyteller Stephen King, Pet Sematary dabbles in the macabre, and the pain of loss that might be able to be scrubbed away. But at what cost?

The most effective scare in this new Pet Sematary trailer comes from something ordinary. A truck, barreling down the road. This is the crux of the story, when a new family (led by Jason Clarke and Amy Seimetz) moves to a quiet, and large, Maine farmhouse that happens to be situated too close to a busy road. But hey have children! And a cat.

Trouble brews when the road claims its first victim. The family pet. Clarke’s character is told of a solution, but it’s supernatural (of course, this is Stephen King). There’s a burial ground. And when you bury things there, they come back. But something isn’t right with what’s returned. So, is it worth it?

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