First Look At Gotham’s Jeremiah In Season 5

Gotham didn’t return in its usual fall premiere spot, and fans still have months until the fifth and final season hits the airwaves next year. The good news is that we’re getting some looks at what’s in store when the new episodes finally do debut in 2019, and a brand new picture of Jeremiah is as delightfully creepy as we could have wanted after his bonkers breakdown in Season 4. Take a look!

Now, despite the fact that fans have believed that they were getting the Joker time and time again before having their theories debunked, Cameron Monaghan’s photo (as posted on Instagram) and caption of “Ha” seems positively Joker-esque. Besides, the most frequent assurances over the years were that Jerome was not the Joker, and Jeremiah delivers a whole different brand of crazy. Of course, Gotham is unlikely to spoil a huge twist about the Joker — whether he is Jeremiah or not — months before any new episodes debut, so we can only speculate at this time. What is absolutely safe to say at this point is that Jeremiah will be no less unsettling in Season 5.

Given all the villains who will appear in Season 5, Jeremiah may need to be more unsettling than ever if he wants to stand out! Man-Bat turned up at the end of the Season 4 finale to freak everybody out, and the show will deliver Bane as well as (probably) Bane’s dad. Throw in Magpie, possibly Mutant Leader, and undoubtedly more, and the folks of Gotham who stayed in No Man’s Land at the end of Season 4 are not in for an easy time, even by Gotham standards. Not wonder Bruce is going to need some expansions to the Batcave!

It should be interesting to see how far Gotham goes in turning all of these legendary Batman villains into versions of themselves that will give Bruce Wayne so much trouble once he grows up and dons the cape and the cowl. Star Ben McKenzie once stated that the last frame of the last scene of Gotham‘s series finale would be Bruce putting on the cape; if that’s still the case, a whole lot is going to need to happen in Season 5. What better way for Bruce to take his biggest steps toward becoming Batman than by pitting him against the worst (and yet most entertaining) version of a Valeska yet?

It was recently revealed that the premiere will jump forward around three months from the end of the Season 4 finale, so we won’t see Bruce, Jim, and the rest immediately in the aftermath of the No Man’s Land devastation. No premiere date for Gotham Season 5 has been revealed just yet, but there are plenty of exciting options to watch now and in the not-too-distant future this fall. More superheroes will be available by the end of the month on The CW thanks to the Arrow-verse.

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