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Face/Off: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Nicolas Cage And John Travolta Movie

An Alternate Ending Shows John Travolta Seeing Nicolas Cage’s Face In A Mirror

The theatrical cut of Face/Off ends with Sean Archer getting his true face back and returning home with a new addition to his family: Castor Troy’s orphaned son, Adam (David McCurley). This relieving conclusion is much appreciated after the high-octane insanity that precedes it, although that almost was not the case.

An alternate ending, which can be found on YouTube, was shot in which Sean is staring at his bathroom mirror with a look of uncertainty, at which point his wife, Eve (Joan Allen), walks in and is audibly shocked to see Castor Troy’s face staring back. Sean looks in the mirror again to reveal his own reflection and the couple share a warm embrace. However, in a close-up, Sean begins to form a menacing grin.

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