Exclusive Robin Hood Clip Shows Our Hero Planning A Suicide Mission

It has been years since Hollywood delivered a traditional Robin Hood adventure aimed at thrilling audiences. The industry has turned its collective attentions to superheroes these days, shelving the original hero — who fights with his trusty bow and arrow. However, Robin of Loxley finally returns to cinemas later this month in Otto Bathurst’s Robin Hood, and Lionsgate shared an exclusive clip with CinemaBlend to help get you excited for what’s to come:

The upcoming Robin Hood casts Taron Egerton in the lead role, trading his Eddie the Eagle skies and his Kingsman suits and gadgets for the trademark hood and bow of the world’s most famous archer.

In the clip shared above, we see Robin and his crew planning what sounds like, on the surface, a suicide mission. Literally, Jamie Dornan’s character, Will Scarlet, says that any attempt at attacking the convoy that Robin is targeting would basically turn them into lambs for the slaughter.

Think that’s going to stop Robin Hood from attempting the mission?

Don’t bet on it. As the clip ends, he demands that a meeting be set up at Loxley Manor, so you can bet your bottom dollar that they will be going ahead with the job… likely setting up one of the better action set pieces in Otto Bathurst’s pending adventure.

Stories of the outlaw Robin Hood date back to the 13th and 14th centuries, and they all follow a familiar path. Born from nobility, Robin is a warrior who chooses to fight on behalf of the common man. “Rob from the rich and give to the poor” is a popular mantra associated with Robin Hood, and various films over the years have played up that mythology for the entertainment of many.

The new movie Robin Hood will serve as a new origin story for the classic hero (in fact, at one point, this movie worked from a script titled Robin Hood: Origins). And Taron Egerton seems like the perfect choice to embody the swashbuckling hero for a modern age. The original trailer for Robin Hood showed how Otto Bathurst would mix period landscapes and contemporary action, almost in a Guy Ritchie approach. He also landed some incredible actors to surround Egerton in his starring role.

Though not featured in the above exclusive clip, Robin Hood will co-star Jamie Foxx in the role of Little John, Robin’s best friend and the leader of the Merry Men. Eve Hewson assumes the love-interest role of Maid Marian, though as we can see, she’ll be in on the action.

And in the final bit of casting that has us incredibly excited for this feature, Robin Hood lured Ben Mendelsohn to play the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham. Sure, it’s typecast to put Mendelsohn in your villain role. But seeing him as the Sheriff is too delicious to pass up.

The movie will be in theaters on November 21. It’s a thrilling option for your Thanksgiving theater excursion. Think you will check it out?

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