Everything That Changed With Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Newest Update

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 may have just released, but Treyarch is already hard at work on post-launch patches that have made some significant changes to the way you play. The newest changelog for the game rolls through all the new fixes, bug squashes, and content changes that have been made to Black Ops 4 following the latest patch.

The details were rolled out over on a Reddit post in the Black Ops 4 community, with a lengthy post from Treyarch running through a number of major changes to the game. For one, the team cranked up Solos to a 100 player max count, and also overhauled the multiplayer playlist with the debut of Gun Game, Mercenary Deathmatch Moshpit, and Chaos Domination.

Complaints about the spawns in Black Ops 4 have also been heard and Treyarch has corrected them. The team has created what’s considered “safer spawns,” and adjusted the logic so that when players spawn across the map it takes into account enemy locations so you won’t get spawned in just to get shot in the back like a newb, which has been a common complaint within the Call of Duty multiplayer community since Modern Warfare.

Weapons have also undergone some changes, with minor changes in the way the default weapons operate. Assault rifles used to be designed around the default loadout, but Treyarch felt the run-and-gun nature of SMGs was an underrepresented weapon choice in the game. The reason for this change is because Treyarch wanted better weapon balance between assault rifles and sub-machine guns. Treyarch also reduced the headshot damage on the ICR-7 and the close-range headshot damage of the VAPR-XKG. The latter weapon also has a more consistent damage fall-off, along with a reduction in the headshot multiplayer so you can no longer get three-hit kills in a row.

The sub-machine guns have also all had a damage buff, so you should be able to dish out more damage to enemies in mid-to-close range combat.

Specialists have also received a little bit of loving from Treyarch, too. This includes modifying the weapons and tools some Specialists have access to. For instance, Treyarch modified the opportunities for players to take advantage of high-impact weapons that can disrupt Ajax’s Ballistic Shield, and reduced the effectiveness of Recon’s Sensor Dart. A few other changes have also been made to Firebreak, Crash, Torque, and Prophet, with minor modifications and tweaks to keep them in balance.

A few of the bug fixes in Black Ops 4 include some of the muffled footsteps no longer being muffled, and teammate footsteps being quieter than enemy footsteps in the popular Battle Royale mode. And speaking of Battle Royale… Treyarch unlocked the final Specialist character missions in Blackout for Battery, Firebreak, Nomad, Prophet, Ruin, and Seraph.

The team also scaled up the XP earn-rates for Hardcore and Realistic difficulties, which is the complete opposite of what Bungie did with Destiny 2 late last year.

And one really neat feature is that if your friends are online but not in the game, you can send them an invite and they can join you in-game.

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