Everyone Is Team Hannah Ann After That Awkward Bachelor Finale

The Bachelor finale aired on Tuesday, March 10, and Chris Harrison didn’t lie: It was quite the dramatic ride. Here’s what happened (warning: major spoilers ahead).

Even though he was still conflicted with his feelings for Madison, who left on Monday’s episode, Peter decided to propose to Hannah Ann, the only woman left standing in the competition. The engagement itself was beautiful, but you could tell something was off. That something was the fact Peter couldn’t give his entire heart to Hannah Ann because he had lingering feelings for Madison. Peter tells Hannah Ann this and, obviously, she doesn’t take it well. She completely reads Peter his rights for leading her on, confusing her, and robbing her of her first engagement.

This carried on to the After the Final Rose ceremony, too, where Hannah Ann reunited with Peter for the first time since ending their engagement. She literally told him that if he wants a real relationship, he needs to become a man. I screamed. The audience shouted. Even Peter’s own mother, Barb, seemed to be on Hannah Ann’s side.

The reactions to this moment—a true first in Bachelor finale history—were incredible. See them for yourself, below:

I need a spinoff series starring Barb and Hannah Ann immediately.

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