Every Victoria’s Secret Angel Who Has Worn the Fantasy Bra

Wearing the Fantasy Bra is one of the highest honors for a Victoria’s Secret Angel. It’s like earning valedictorian status, or Beyoncé asking you to take out her trash: It doesn’t happen often, so, when it does, embrace the hell out of it.

Last year, Lais Ribeiro walked down the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show runway in the Champagne Nights Bra, valued at $2 million. And in 2018, the look—a bustier-and-body-chain style made with over 2,100 lab-created diamonds from Atelier Swarovski, according to Vogue—will be modeled by Swedish Angel Elsa Hosk. (And though you might not be able to purchase is, Victoria’s Secret will be selling a crystal-embellished Dream Angels Fantasy Bra inspired by Hosk’s online for $250 starting on November 29—a relative bargain, compared to the millions associated with Fantasy Bras.)

As it happens, a couple of thousand diamonds is chump change compared with some of the more expensive Fantasy Bras of years past. (The 2018 bra is valued at $1 million, according to People—but a previous one was priced at $10 million.) That’s more than my life, your life, and Aaron Carter’s life! Hosk is just one of many Angels to wear the Fantasy Bra: Tyra Banks! Alessandra Ambrosio! Heidi Klum! Heidi Klum again! The Fantasy Bra Club is a who’s who of supermodels/future reality-TV show hosts. Once you’re in, you’re pretty much set. So, rest easy, Tookes: You have a long modeling career ahead of you, followed by an offer to host the 184th cycle of America’s Next Top Model. Dreams do come true.

All jokes aside, this is a big effing deal. Maybe seeing the full list of models in the Fantasy Bra Club will convince you.

1996: Claudia Schiffer

Schiffer wore the very first Fantasy Bra, which was valued at $1 million. Unfortunately, however, it didn’t appear in the fashion show. Perhaps executives were too afraid of letting a 100-carat diamond bra loose on the runway?

1997: Tyra Banks

vs tyra banks 1997

One of the earlier fantasy bras shows more satin than diamonds, but hang tight—we’re just getting started.

1998: Daniela Pestova

Pestova’s $5,000,000 “Dream Angel Fantasy Bra” featured a dazzling display of rubies and diamonds.

1999: Heidi Klum

Klum’s first-ever Fantasy Bra was blue with silver stars, and is valued at a casual $10 million.

2000: Gisele Bündchen

Grand Opening of Victoria's Secret

PHOTO: Evan Agostini

This $15 million bra-and-panty set was the Guinness Book record holder for the most extravagant and expensive underwear ever at the time, with more than 1,300 rubies and diamonds.

2001: Heidi Klum

victorias secret fantasy bra heidi klum 20011

Klum wore a diamond-encrusted demi bra valued at the time at $12.5 million.

2002: Karolina Kurkova

victorias secret fantasy bra karolina kurkova 20021

This $12 million set echoed the romance of an English garden.

2003: Heidi Klum

Klum, back at it again with the multimillion-dollar bra! The style she wore in 2003 is valued at $11 million.

2004: Tyra Banks


PHOTO: Marion Curtis/StarPix/REX/Shutterstock

Banks wore the Heavenly 70 Fantasy Bra in 2004, which featured a 70-carat pear-shaped diamond embellishment—on top of the 2,900 pavé-set diamonds set throughout the 18-karat white gold. The price tag: $10 million.

2005: Gisele Bündchen

victorias secret fantasy bra gisele 20051

The Brazilian bombshell wore a Fantasy Bra with a 101-carat fancy-cut diamond drop hanging from the sweet bow detail at center. Like Klum’s, it was valued at $12.5 million.

2006: Karolina Kurkova

victorias secret fantasy bra karolina kurkova 20061

Diamond jeweler Hearts on Fire created this $6.5 million sparkler, which has more than 2,000 diamonds.

2007: Selita Ebanks:

victorias secret fantasy bra selita ebanks 20071

Just a bra? No way. Ebanks’ $4.5 million lingerie set by Mouawad included a bra, thong, garter, cuff, and barrette, all coated in diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and yellow sapphires.

2008: Adriana Lima

victorias secret fantasy bra adriana lima 20081

Lima went to the next level in 2008, when she wore a $5 million style with 3,900 black-and-white diamonds (that’s 1,500 carats!) interspersed with rubies.

2009: Marissa Miller

victorias secret fantasy bra marissa miller 20091

This $3 million harlequin-inspired brassiere had 2,355 diamonds and a 16-carat heart-shaped diamond pendant at the center.

2010: Adriana Lima

victorias secret fantasy bra adriana lima 20101

Lima wore the Fantasy Bra for a second time in 2010. This $2 million one had 60 carats of diamonds in addition to blue topaz and sapphires.

2011: Miranda Kerr

victorias secret fantasy bra miranda kerr 20111

The Aussie babe wore a more classic look with yellow and colorless diamonds, citrines, and aquamarines, which was then draped in strands of pearls and finished with a pearl tassel. The value? $2.5 million. Chump change.

2012: Alessandra Ambrosio

victorias secret fantasy bra alessandra ambrossio 20121

Ambrosio’s $2.5 million style was covered with amethysts, sapphires, rubies, and diamonds—not to mention, a removable 20-carat white diamond at the center.

2013: Candice Swanepoel

victorias secret fantasy bra candice swanopoel 20131

This baby was nicknamed “the Royal.” It has more than 4,200 stones, including rubies, diamonds, and yellow sapphires. The price tag: $10 million.

2014: Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio

victorias secret fantasy bra adriana lima alessandra ambrosio 20141

Diamonds are great and all, but when you and your bud get some? Even better. Lima and Abrasion wore these gem-drenched suits valued at $2 million each.

2015: Lily Aldridge

2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Runway

PHOTO: Michael Stewart

This stunning bra is valued at $2 million.

2016: Jasmine Tookes

2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Paris - Show

PHOTO: Pascal Le Segretain

Tookes became the third model of color to don the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra—and her Bright Night style had a cool $3 million price tag.

2017: Lais Ribeiro

Victoria's Secret Angel Lais Ribeiro Reveals The $2 Million 2017 Champagne Nights Fantasy Bra

PHOTO: Dimitrios Kambouris

Brazilian Ribeiro modeled the Champagne Nights Fantasy Bra, which is valued at $2 million, at the 2017 show.

2018: Elsa Hosk

PHOTO: Courtesy of Victoria’s Secret.

Swedish model Elsa Hosk will wear the Fantasy Bra at the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show—a decadent lingerie creation made with over 2,100 Atelier Swarovski diamonds. “My body was violently shaking,” she told People. “And it wasn’t because I was nervous, I was just excited. It was a cool feeling that I’ve never felt before. And it was definitely a moment that I’ll never forget.”

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