Elle Winter Slams The Door On An Ex In Her Fierce ‘Yeah, No’ Video

    Just as “Bye Bye Bye” and “Thank U, Next” introduced new kiss-offs into the pop lexicon, Elle Winter‘s “Yeah, No” is giving proud new singles another rousing anthem. On Friday (March 6), the rising pop star released the title track of her debut EP, also out today, along with an empowering video that shows us why Winter calls this one her “mic drop song.”

    “Every time I perform it, I just want to drop the mic and walk off,” she said over the phone to MTV News. “But I’m scared I’m going to get in trouble.”

    Like most effective post-breakup triumphs, “Yeah, No” was written after Winter had gotten out of a long relationship and heard from her ex for the first time — which firmly gets in the way of her “cut ’em off” rule.

    “I had just gone through this breakup, and my ex-boyfriend would keep calling to check in on me,” the 20-year-old recalled. “I was like, ‘We were together for a long time. I thought you know me fairly well to know I’m fine without anyone. I’m good on my own.’ You might think one thing, but no, this is what it really is.”

    In the video, Winter shares the spotlight with a posse of strong female dancers, who take the song’s punchy chorus and elevate it with their movements. “They’re incredible,” Winter said about her co-stars. “They look so fierce and badass, but then on set, they’re the nicest ladies I’ve ever worked with. It was amazing. It was like a Sasha Fierce moment.”

    Winter, meanwhile, embodies emotional strength while snapping a red rose in half and belting confidence-boosting statements like, “I got my closure when I closed that door / Bet you think my love is still yours / Yeah, no.” The fierceness is palpable — so much so, that Winter joked her musical director wants her to pitch the song to Peloton.

    “Every time I watch [the video], I’m like, I want to go run or do something really intense. I just feel ready to take on the world,” she said. “That’s why I love artists like Lizzo — inspiring female artists that make me feel so empowered. I want people listen to my music to have a similar experience and own who they are.”

    “Yeah, No” isn’t the only song on Winter’s new EP that deals with complex feelings about love, heartbreak, and everything in between. One of her personal favorites is the biting “Cave In,” which is all about putting the kibosh on a toxic relationship. Then there’s the synthy standout “110%,” which Winter says is about choosing not to settle for anything less than you deserve: “I think you get what you give,” she said about the track. “I give a lot and I want someone to do the same.”

    Expect Winter to keep chronicling the highs and lows of love on her forthcoming new music. Yep, she may just have put out an EP, but she’s already working on a full-length album, which she hopes to release later this year. She’s been getting out of her comfort zone lately — she recently relocated to L.A. from her native New York — and says the change in scenery has already been inspiring new songs. Whatever they sound like, at least we know she’ll give them her 110%.

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