Edge Of Tomorrow 2 And 7 Other Sequels We’re Still Waiting For

Kill Bill Vol. 3

Almost immediately after concluding his two-part revenge epic, Kill Bill, in 2004, Quentin Tarantino hinted at the possibility for a third volume of bloody escapades with Uma Thurman’s The Bride. However, after close to two decades of plot speculation from fans, QT’s conflicting confidence, and even unconfirmed details suggesting Zendaya playing a grown-up, vengeful Nikki Green that somehow found their way on IMDb, the odds for Kill Bill Vol. 3 do not look great. Tarantino claims Thurman is interested and that he has a road map for the franchise’s future, but this is also coming from the guy who promised a Vega Brothers prequel and his own take on Star Trek, so I am more willing bet that his tenth and (supposedly) final feature might end up being a whole new story, which we all know he can do with his eyes closed.

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