Dorit Kemsely on Fashion, Shopping, and Dressing for PK

Do yourself a favor and take a few minutes today to hear this week’s episode of Glamour‘s “What I Wore When” podcast, during which Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley tell the downright wild story of an Alexander McQueen dress she impulse-bought in Las Vegas during her wedding weekend. The dress—red, tight, and “worth every penny”—has now become known as the “baby-making dress” for reasons we can all infer.

As a functioning Bravo-holic, I was particularly eager to chat with Dorit, who joined RHOBH show in 2016 and became a fan favorite thanks to her playful approach to style, her loyal family and, yep, her slightly ambiguous accent. She was fun, forthcoming and impressively self-aware during our hour together, and we covered a lot of ground including her rationale for buying buying clothes and shoes and bags well into the thousands of dollars, her lifestyle brand Beverly Beach, the Champion sweatshirts she loved as a teenager in Connecticut, how motherhood has impacted her style, and why Real Housewives always seems to look better and better every season.

Second to her baby-making dress story, I was especially intrigued by Dorit’s honesty about wanting to look good for her husband, and how dressing for him, in a lot of ways, is really dressing for herself. I think a lot of women would be afraid to admit that publicly—wanting to look great for a man—and I so appreciated her perspective.

Listen to the episode at the link above—you won’t regret it!

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