Donald Trump Just Told White House Reporter Cecilia Vega She ‘Never’ Thinks

It’s probably no secret to most that President Donald Trump isn’t too happy with the press. From saying every outlet (other than a few of his personal favorites) disseminates “fake news” to repeatedly calling the press the “enemy of the people,” Trump isn’t shy about where he stands with journalists. But yet, somehow, he’s still able to shock us all by just how far the depths of his disdain for the media can go.

Take, for example, on Monday, when Trump told Cecilia Vega, the senior White House correspondent for ABC News (and winner of multiple Emmys) that she “never” thinks.

While giving a press conference in the White House Rose Garden to discuss the new trade agreement with Canada and Mexico, Trump, answering questions from reporters, called upon Vega. A brief pause followed as Vega stood up to grab the microphone. At that moment, Trump said with a smile, “she’s shocked that I picked her. Like in a state of shock.” Vega quickly responded, “I’m not, thank you, Mr. President.”

It appeared Trump may have misunderstood her, and replied, “That’s OK, I know you’re not thinking, you never do.” Vega, a consummate professional replied, “I’m sorry?” and continued on with her question. Even then, however, Trump continued to be dismissive. Vega asked the president about the ongoing FBI investigation into allegations Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, however, all Trump wanted to do was discuss trade. He later returned to Vega to answer her question.

Vega tweeted after the news conference, “A news conference means you get to ask whatever question you want to ask. #FirstAmendment.”

However, other journalists were quick to jump on social media to defend Vega and note that her line of questioning was entirely in reason.

“I very sincerely hope the president does indeed to @CeciliaVega to answer her respectful and entirely appropriate question on Brett Kavanaugh,” Hallie Jackson, chief White House correspondent for NBC News tweeted. “The White House, and POTUS, know they can’t dictate the content of questions. And the pres. has often taken off-topic Qs before.”

“Wow. @CeciliaVega asks Trump about limiting FBI investigation into Kavanaugh allegations,” Karen Travers, an ABC News reporter also covering the White House shared. “He doesn’t want to talk that, says he wants to talk trade. She follows w/Q about if it will pass Congress. Pushes again on Kavanaugh, still doesnt want to answer. WH aide GRABS mic from her.”

And as Vega’s ABC producer Alisa Wiersema shared, Trump apparently missed her extensive coverage of the trade deal already: “Took a post-GMA nap after a morning of helping @CeciliaVega report on trade, and woke up to this exchange,” she wrote. “Seems like the President didn’t tune in to see her already having covered his trade deal extensively today.”

Maybe next time we can hope for better. Maybe.

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