Doctor Who May Bring Back Big Villain For Final New Episode Until 2020

The trailer for the Doctor Who New Years Day special has arrived, and while it will be the only new episode fans will get until 2020, it appears to be a doozy. In fact, it looks as though the Doctor and gang will take on an evil force she is familiar with that’s been buried deep within the Earth’s surface for quite a while. The question is, will Doctor Who be bringing back a big villain for the holiday special?

As mentioned in the trailer, the Doctor is examining the DNA of the “most dangerous creature in the universe.” This creature was buried in the 9th century, and now that it’s free, it’s hell-bent on destroying anything in its path until it assumes control of Earth. That description makes it sound an awful lot like “Resolution” could feature a rampaging Dalek laying waste to all around it and being a general nuisance.

A single Dalek has enough technology and resources to ensure even the most modern of attack methods against it would be useless. Take that with the Dalek mindset that all species are inferior to it, and it’s a killing machine that would not rest until it destroyed every life form on Earth. That said, one would think a Dalek could easily overcome some ancient warriors in the 9th century, so perhaps they were keen to something modern humanity isn’t?

Another possibility could be a Silurian, as they’ve been living beneath the Earth’s surface for some time now. The creatures were re-introduced to Doctor Who by Chris Chibnall back when he was a writer on the program and took on Matt Smith’s Doctor in an episode that took place in the year 2020. That said, the Silurian’s exist in large numbers below the surface, and probably wouldn’t be classified as the “most dangerous creature.”

What’s interesting is that much of the trailer is centered on destruction and an unknown enemy the Doctor appears to be familiar with. Granted, she’s typically familiar with all types of alien species who surface whether fans know them or not, so perhaps we shouldn’t put too much stock in that. However, the fact that the trailer ends before the Doctor can reveal what the threat might mean it’s a reveal fans will be interested in.

One thing that does seem certain is that the “Resolution” villain is certainly one the companions or “fam” haven’t seen before, as Graham seems oblivious to this new threat. That means this villain probably isn’t one that’s been seen in Season 11, even if it isn’t a villain from the Doctor’s past. A classic villain would be a treat, however, and perhaps something to quiet classic fans already upset that the series is skipping a year to finish Season 12.

Doctor Who airs its New Years Day special on Tuesday, January 1 at 8:00 p.m. ET on BBC America. For a look at what else is coming to television before and after that, be sure to visit and bookmark CinemaBlend’s fall and midseason premiere guides.

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