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Doctor Strange’s Powers: How They Work, And What They Can Do


Principally, the use of magic in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is through recitation of an ancient language that, according to the Ancient One, the original users called “spells.” It’s a language that’s spoken not so much verbally as it is through specific articulated gestures performed by a sorcerer’s hands. Upon his arrival at the Nepal-based magic school Kamar-Taj, Stephen Strange finds this particularly complicated given the damaged nerves in his hands, but his impressive intelligence eventually allows him to pick up the practice.

The information about these spells are kept in books that are stored in the library at Kamar-Taj, and require deep study for usage. It’s really how much knowledge of the magic one can properly memorize that determines one’s power level as a sorcerer, as Stephen Strange is particularly adept because he possesses a natural photographic memory (which he boasts is what allowed him to earn a master’s degree and a medical degree simultaneously).

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