Disney+ Is Already Adding New Movies, Take A Look At The Trailer For Adorable Dog Movie Togo

Togo is the story of a dog and his owner, Leonhard Seppala, who who traveled hundreds of miles through Alaskan wilderness to help bring diphtheria medication to the town of Nome, where an outbreak had occurred. The new movie stars Willem Dafoe as the Seppala. However, the name of the movie is the name of the dog, and based on the trailer, he does look like the star of the show.

We see the little dog both as an adorable pup and as a 12-year-old lead of a sled team, so the movie looks like it will deal with much more that the Serum Run, and will tell the whole story of the life of this amazing dog. 

It’s hard to guess what we’re going to get with Togo. This is the only the third original movie we will have seen from Disney+, and so we haven’t yet got a feel for what the goal or focus will be from Disney with these movies. 

Having said that, Togo looks like a combination of an emotional man and animal relationship story, and exciting, fighting-against-the-odds sports movie (granted, with higher than usual stakes). These are two genres Disney has a lot of experience, and success with, and so Togo may have quite a bit going for it.

And it’s got Willem Dafoe in the lead, and you can almost never go wrong with him.

More to come…

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