Diane Keaton Added Herself To A John Wick Scene With Keanu Reeves And … Whoa

    Diane Keaton: It’s been a long time since you and I made that movie, Something’s Gotta Give. Remember me in it?

    Keanu Reeves: You were amazing.

    Diane Keaton: YOU were amazing.

    Keanu: I’ll never forget reading that Nancy Meyers screenplay for the first time.

    Diane: Yeah, I know, yeah. Obviously me neither. That was a lot of crying in there, Keanu. Lots of laughing and crying and, well, we had some, well, let’s be frank — it was a good time.

    Keanu: It was amazing! Good times! You and Jack!

    Diane: Oh, well, I wouldn’t go that far…

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