Daily Harvest Review 2020: Vegan Meal Kit Review

I follow the kind of diet that would make your mom (and doctors) cringe. I’m what some might call “peckish” and—if you haven’t noticed—chips, cookies, and candy come in bite-sized, bird-friendly portions. My palette is also extreme in that food must be either a) bland, or b) how you think the word neon would taste. It’s probably because I’ve eaten so many Hot Cheetos, Hot Cheetos Limón, and Chester’s Hot Fries that my tastebuds are essentially burned off my tongue. That, and the fact that I’ve been drinking black coffee since high school.

Suffice it to say I am not the picture of health. When I do peel my hands away from the nearest chip bag and eat ‘adult’ food, I opt for generally healthy options. I’m basically a raccoon: often eating garbage, but sometimes that garbage is raw vegetables. Still, a healthy meal or snack here and there doesn’t make up for my lack of eating whole foods on the regular. So I decided to try a meal kit service to hopefully improve my habits and make sure that I am, in fact, eating protein and not subsisting on a permanent caffeine or sugar high. Enter: Daily Harvest.

So, what exactly is Daily Harvest?

The fro-yo shop of healthy meal kits. Daily Harvest sends ready-to-blend smoothies and bowls in pre-frozen cups. Everything comes pre-portioned and all you have to do is throw the food in a blender, microwave, or pan before eating. Like a good millennial, I was drawn to Daily Harvest because of its branding. The brightly colored smoothies looked like candy masquerading as protein shakes, and since moving to the East Coast from Los Angeles, finding ripe, non-bruised fruit has been hard to come by.

Is Daily Harvest organic?

Yes, 95%. Anything organic is marked on the back of the cups.

Is Daily Harvest vegan?

It’s complicated. Daily Harvest isn’t exactly a vegan meal delivery service—even though its recipes are built on fruits and vegetables. That’s because you add whatever kind of liquid you like to the cups (oat milk was my preference, but you can add whole milk, water, hemp milk, etc.) and because of the customization, the brand likes to call its recipes “plant-based and vegan-friendly.” Everything comes free of gluten, dairy, fillers, preservatives, refined sugars, and artificial anything—but what you do with it after that is up to you.

So, how good is the actual food? (a.k.a. my Daily Harvest meals review)

I opted for nine cups (the lowest number) on a weekly basis, because small Brooklyn apartments come with small Brooklyn freezers. In total, I tested Daily Harvest over a three-week period and tried a cup from each of its categories—smoothies, bowls, lattes, bites, and soups.

Strawberry + Peach Smoothie

Pro tip: Match your smoothie to your sweater.

Shanna Shipin

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