CoverGirl Just Announced It’s Now Entirely Cruelty-Free

While the cruelty-free movement has been picking up steam over the last few years, this marks a huge step forward for the cosmetics industry: Beauty behemoth CoverGirl is now entirely cruelty-free.

The brand’s announcement this morning underscores just what a landmark year 2018 has been for cruelty-free advocates. Just last month, California motioned to ban all cosmetic animal testing for products sold in the state by 2020. Meanwhile, Dove recently announced that as of January 2019, all of its products will have PETA accreditation.

Going cruelty-free felt like the obvious next step for the brand, which has made noticeable efforts to become more inclusive in both its shade ranges and advertising. And it’s as much about creating cruelty-free products as it is giving people access to those cruelty-free products. “The more people who can find and afford cruelty-free makeup, the better,” the brand stated in a press release. Because while cruelty-free is no longer as hard to find as it once was, it’s typically been reserved for niche brands with a higher price point (with a few notable exceptions, including NYX Cosmetics and Milani).

What makes the move especially important is that CoverGirl is the first makeup brand of its size to earn a Leaping Bunny seal. That was strategic: The Leaping Bunny seal is the gold standard of cruelty-free formulas. While PETA requires that companies send them a written agreement to abstain from animal testing, Leaping Bunny entails independent and on-site audits to verify that brands are backing up their claims. It also guarantees that none of the ingredient suppliers test on animals, either. So while PETA’s certification is certainly in good faith (and far better than no seal at all) it doesn’t fully guarantee that the products are cruelty-free—in the off-chance that a brand or its suppliers aren’t being totally transparent.

As for when CoverGirl’s makeup products will be cruelty-free, the brand thoughtfully took waiting out of the equation. Instead of rolling out new products by a certain date, all of the items currently on shelves right now are cruelty-free—meaning you can walk in the drugstore today and know that you’re getting ethically tested makeup. The Leaping Bunny logo, meanwhile, will start to appear on the packaging throughout winter and next spring, just to make it official.

With the power of CoverGirl behind the cruelty-free movement, it seems likely that other mass beauty brands may take note and at least consider shifting to the same animal-friendly practices. Because peer pressure works—and anyway, if a corporation as big as CoverGirl can do it, there’s no good reason for anyone else not to follow suit.

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