Courtney Love Files Restraining Order Against Ex-Manager

Courtney Love and her former manager Sam Lutfi are not on good terms right now — to say the very least. They haven’t been working together for a little while, and Lutfi has reportedly not been taking it well, believing that he hasn’t been given his proper compensation for the work he provided the musician. After making claims that Sam Lutfi was harassing her and her family, including her daughter, the court granted a restraining order between the musician and the former manager, hoping to cease the reported barrage of messages Courtney Love receives.

While Sam Lutfi and Courtney Love haven’t been in direct communication for a while, Love made certain that she wouldn’t hear from Lutfi any longer — unless the one-time manager wanted to face legal repercussions, that is. As it was reported by TMZ, the singer-songwriter keeps getting messages from Lutfi via email, text and phone calls, because he claims he hasn’t been given money for services he believes he provided.

The contact gotten to the point where Lutfi also reportedly began harassing Frances Bean Cobain, Courtney Love’s daughter with the late Kurt Cobain. The judge ruled in Love’s favor, assuring that the musician won’t have to deal with the pesky messages any longer. That ruling should now presumably close that chapter for Love.

In response to this recently-decided court ruling, Howard King, Courtney Love’s attorney, issued the following address to the press:

This is not the only legal hassle being dealt with by Courtney Love and Frances Bean Cobain presently. Isaiah Silva, Frances Bean’s ex-husband, is currently suing Love and Frances for reportedly trying to break into his house and steal Kurt Cobain’s well-known MTV Unplugged guitar, which is in his position for reasons unknown. If this break-in is true, it suggests that Silva got the guitar during their break-up and the daughter, and widow of Cobain believe the guitar belongs to them based on their connection to the man who most famously played the musical instrument on TV.

It sounds like Francis Bean Cobain and Courtney Love are dealing with a lot at the moment. Hopefully, they are no longer dealing with the hassles that are coming from Sam Lutfi now that this restraining order has legally been put into place. If that changes, however, we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

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