Chris Pine Knows You’re Talking About His Penis, Is Reading The Tweets

Rolling with the obsession and just leaning into it is way more disarming than causing a stink, and at the end of the day, the whole point of movies is to get people talking and to create a little distraction in people’s lives. That’s why the most popular actors and actresses make millions of dollars for every movie they’re in. They’re adding something to society, but you can’t always choose what that something is.

Sometimes, as in his role in Star Trek, it’s a few hours of spectacle. Sometimes, as in his role in People Like Us, it’s trying to get people to really connect with the emotions of a story. And sometimes, as in this case, it’s about getting people to giggle about seeing a famous penis, which doesn’t happen very often. To me, all three of those potential outcomes are better than a movie just being forgotten, even if they were decent. There are a few examples in Chris Pine’s career that we could point to on that front, but we’ll stay away and take the high road (couldn’t help it) since he’s been such a good sport about the dick talk.

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