Chris Hemsworth Helped A Hitchhiker To His Destination Via Helicopter

Chris Hemsworth is one of the biggest actors on the planet and the celebrity likes to use his fame and fortune for good purposes. That includes helping out a complete strange in a time of need. The Marvel actor is not afraid to post about it on his social media, either. During a recent trip to Australia, Chris Hemsworth found himself providing the good fortune of giving a ride to a wandering hitchhiker out on the street.

Regardless, he didn’t offer just any ride. He offered the traveler a helicopter ride. You can check out the footage of the wonderstruck young gentleman below, all courtesy of Hemsworth’s social media.

It’s not every day that you get to meet a celebrity, let alone bum a ride at their expense. It would be one thing if the said celebrity were giving you a lift to your destination in their car. Instead, Chris Hemsworth pulled all the stops in this Instagram video, providing this unsuspecting hitchhiker with a chance to ride in a helicopter in what appears to be the man’s first time inside a chopper. That makes the experience even more exciting.

Suffice to say, the traveler was more than appreciative of Chris Hemsworth’s efforts to get him where he needed to be. In his typical jokey fashion, Hemsworth noted in the caption section that he was “stoked” his travel companion “wasn’t a serial killer.”

This is not the first time Chris Hemsworth has acted sweet and comical on social media. It should be noted the actor also made himself the butt of the joke on his birthday — of all days — when one of his children slammed his face into an inflamed birthday cake. Thankfully, he wasn’t hurt by this action. He also showcased his romantic side when he posted a humorous video of himself salsa dancing with his wife (not quite proving his dancing skills).

More recently, Chris Hemsworth has been using his social media to showcase some behind-the-scenes footage for his upcoming, untitled Men in Black spin-off, which he is starring in alongside Tessa Thompson, his memorable co-star in Thor: Ragnarok. The actor has recently wrapped filming on that production, which has allowed him to participate in activities like picking up hitchhikers via helicopter rides, and that film comes out June 14, 2019.

Meanwhile, Chris Hemsworth can currently be seen on the big screen in Bad Times at the El Royale, which is currently playing in theaters everywhere. His performance in Drew Goddard’s latest film is certainly memorable, to say the least. And it also features more of Hemsworth’s signature dancing. The superhero actor will also be reprising his famous role as Thor, for maybe the final time, in next year’s Avengers film, which comes out on May 3rd. After that, he might be taking a little vacation from acting in order to spend more leisure time with his family. Maybe pick up another hitchhiker too.

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