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Cherry Ending: What Happened, And The Moment That Caused It All

What Happened At The End Of Cherry?

College sweethearts Cherry (Tom Holland) and Emily (Ciara Bravo) meet in 2002, as they share a class, and ultimately a relationship, on campus. All too eager to ditch his seemingly unfaithful girlfriend at the time, Cherry falls hard for Emily and it leads to their relationship, and eventually their marriage. It also causes one great downward spiral, as his love for Emily sees ups and downs, addiction and PTSD dictating the terms of that rocky course.

Everything comes to a head in 2007, when during a robbery, Cherry tells the teller to hit the alarm. Shooting up what looks like one last time, he collapses on the street, waiting for the cops to apprehend him. Cherry goes away until 2021, and we see him get clean and become a model prisoner. Eventually, upon his release, Cherry and Emily reunite, and he smiles as he’s finally free to continue his new path in life.

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