Check Out Stephen Amell As Flash And Grant Gustin As Green Arrow For This Year’s Crossover

Stephen Amell has been teasing a lot about the upcoming “Elseworlds” Arrow-verse crossover as well as a mysterious role he’s going to play in it. This has led fans making some pretty interesting guesses as to what he could be doing, and now we may have our answer. Check out Amell’s tease of him suited up as The Flash and Grant Gustin as Green Arrow in a hero-flip that will surely blow some minds:

What in the multiverse is going on here? It appears “Elseworlds” will feature Stephen Amell as The Flash and Grant Gustin as the Green Arrow, in a mashup that Arrow-verse fans have never seen before. Stephen Amell assured fans this wasn’t fan-art or a prank in a follow-up tweet and noted he was wearing the Flash suit as he typed.

Of course, this picture only tells part of the story, and fans surely have a dozen more questions they probably won’t know until the Arrow-verse crossover. One big question we’d like to know is if this is the Oliver and Barry Allen of another Earth, or the Earth-One heroes in a weird situation where they had to switch suits. We don’t know the answer to that for sure, although with every Earth featuring several different possibilities for each character, we wouldn’t be surprised if there’s an Earth where these two trade lives.

Provided this is another Earth Oliver Queen and Barry Allen, which one is which? Is Oliver Queen still Stephen Amell with powers from the speed force? Is Barry Allen locked up in prison while Iris is in witness protection? Speaking of which, are we to assume the cast of The Flash and Arrow are still with their respective actors?

The Arrow-verse “Elseworlds” crossover is set to air on The CW in a three-night event that starts with The Flash Sunday, December 9 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Head on over to our fall premiere guide and see what other shows will be coming to television around that time or well before that.

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