Check Out Stephen Amell And Grant Gustin In Matching Leather For The Arrow-verse Crossover

Stephen Amell’s Twitter account is on fire, with the Arrow star proving he is fans’ go-to source for behind-the-scenes reveals within this franchise. One recent pic featured Amell and Grant Gustin trading costumes for this year’s “Elseworlds” crossover, and his latest leather-infused post also has a surprising twist. In that it’s not related to their normal costumes at all. See for yourself below.

Stephen Amell’s caption hints that the good friends Barry and Oliver decided to go full-BFFs with matching outfits. However, there is probably another reason for their identical looks.

What is intriguing is that Amell technically shared this picture before the poster for “Elseworlds” was released. The art for the crossover indicated Barry and Oliver would be taking on each other’s superhero identities, with each wearing the souped-up costume the other is known for. This picture, however, indicates Barry and Oliver will be rocking the same look for at least part of the crossover.

It is all a bit confusing, since that is key to keeping fans on their toes. Beyond Oliver and Barry wearing the same outfit, there is the question of why it’s that outfit. They are dressed like they are going to a motorcycle club. Maybe, they are. I’m sure Gotham City has a few fine establishments for them to visit.

As for why Barry and Oliver are dressed alike, there is a potential theory. It may have nothing to do with parallel dimensions and other worlds. Maybe the matching looks are to purposefully create a decoy for whatever mission they have teamed up to tackle. Given the title of the crossover and subsequent promo art, it seems likely other worlds will come into play at some point, so it might not even be “Barry” and “Oliver.”

The highly anticipated and highly mysterious crossover will span three shows in the Arrow-verse this year. (The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl will all be participating, while Legends of Tomorrow takes the year off.) While much of it still remains a leather-clad mystery, there are some puzzle pieces we do possess.

We know that Batwoman will make her Arrow-verse debut during the crossover, and we know she’s gorgeous. Thanks to Stephen Amell’s active Twitter presence, we also got a shot of Superman wearing a curious black suit. And we also know The Monitor is joining the fun, which should make for a crisis or two. There will be a lot of fun twists and turns coming our way, and whether that includes the introduction of an infamous DC villain, fans will have to tune in and see.

Whether Barry and Oliver are rocking leather jackets on Earth-1 or another one will be fun to find out. The Arrow-verse crossover between Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl begins on Sunday, December 9, and concludes Tuesday, December 11, on The CW. The superhero series are among other shows returning to The CW this fall.

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