Celebrities With Scars: Kylie Jenner, Tina Fey, and More Celebs Who Aren’t Shy About Their Scars

    A scar can tell a story about your life, and—call me melodramatic—but I believe embracing a scar can be a radical act of self-love. My belief is affirmed when I scroll through Instagram in 2020: There are still plenty of Facetuned waistlines and Bratz-doll eyes, but when it comes to scars, celebrities and influencers seem more likely to show them off than airbrush them away. And while I don’t endorse every trend I see on Instagram—see: Bratz-doll eyes—treating a scar like a badge of honor, rather than something to cover up or erase, seems like a movement worth getting behind. That was also the theme of the Love Your Marks event hosted by Bio-Oil in the Condé Nast Beauty Studio* this month. The afternoon featured a photo station where women were encouraged to take pictures with their so-called “flaws” on full display, which underlined the idea that flaunting the things that make us stand out can feel empowering.

    Still not ready to show off your scars? Hey, if covering up still makes you more comfortable, no pressure. But read on for a list of famous women who display their scars with pride. If their confidence inspires you to skip the retouching the next time you share a photo, we’ll count that as a win.

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