Great Harry Potter Gifts For Any Wizarding World Fan

This Harry Potter Creatures & Icons Dinnerware 4-Piece Set For Dinner Parties

If you, or someone who know, ever wanted to have a Harry Potter dinner party but couldn’t find the right dinnerware to go with it, look no further. This four-piece Harry Potter Creatures & Icons 4-piece set won’t float around the table or magically fill up with some amazing looking food at a feast, but it does feature the perfect combination of fandom and class, which makes it a perfect addition to your fine china hutch. Included in the set you will find a dinner plate, a salad plate, a soup bowl, and a cup, all beautifully crafted in ceramic with decals representing the Wizarding World on the outer edges. With representations of Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw this durable and dishwasher safe set will please every Harry Potter fan.

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How To Watch Tenet Streaming

Is Tenet On Netflix?

One of the biggest questions surrounding the streaming release of any movie always centers around Netflix, specifically when any given movie will be available on one of the biggest and most popular digital platforms out there. The truth of the matter is no one really knows at this point when, or even if, Tenet will find its way to Netflix. Right now, Christopher Nolan’s movies are found on streaming services like Amazon, Hulu, HBO Max, and a few others, but they often find their way onto Netflix. But with Warner Bros. trying to get as many eyes on the 2020 time-bending spy thriller and also wanting more HBO Max subscribers, the movie could end up there before anywhere else.

If you’re ever traveling outside of the country and would like to access your regular Netflix queue, you can do so using a VPN.

1917: Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The World War I Movie

There are war movies and then there is 1917, Sam Mendes’ Oscar-winning epic about two young British soldiers sent into No Man’s Land to deliver a message that could potentially save thousands of lives, or cost them if they fail. And as intense as a cinematic experience the film ended up being, some of the behind-the-scenes facts about how it all came together are just as, if not more, insane than what we saw in the final cut.

From the decision to present the film as a continuous one-shot that only breaks from the action for a specific reason to the way the production team had to secure a license to possibly exhume bodies while filming to the meaningful story behind the narrative, there’s a lot to unpack regarding 1917, so let’s not waste any more time and get this thing going.

Bella Thorne Wears Lingerie To Promote Her New, Cheaper Black Friday Deals On OnlyFans

Now her Black Friday deals include a $10 a month subscription price point, as well as some longer term deals. In a post on OnlyFans, Bella Thorne has several bundles going for the holidays. Right now, you can get three months of access to her account for only $21 bucks, which is 30% off the initial $10 price. Or, you can pay $42 and get six months of access, which is basically the same 30% deal as the three-month one, though you are contracted for longer.

Vin Diesel Reveals How Paul Walker Was Actually The Catalyst For His Singing Career

Following the first Fast & Furious movie, the franchise saw Paul Walker’s Brian O’Connor and Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto separating, with 2 Fast 2 Furious following the former and the latter only cameoing at the end of Tokyo Drift, which otherwise starred all-new characters. But when 2009’s Fast & Furious rolled around, Brian and Dom reunited, and that paved the way for the two characters to become as close as brothers. While Walker is sadly no longer with us, Brian is still alive in the Fast & Furious universe, having last appeared in Furious 7 and now left the life of car-centric heists to focus on caring for his family.

Happiest Season Ending: How Things Ended For Each Character

Ted Gets Elected Mayor Without Selling His Family Out

Harper’s father is Ted, played by Victor Garber, who is of actually part of the gay community in Hollywood, but here he’s playing a dad’s dad who is running for Mayor. Ted is all about reputation and good impressions, but you can tell he’s got a sweet side to him too. There were a few moments there where I really felt like Abby was going to go up to him and ask for his blessing and everything would be OK. But, this family really needed the roots pulled out from under them. 

At the end of Happiest Season, Ted’s chances of getting support from Ana Gasteyer’s character and impressing his guests seem out the window after Harper and Sloane’s public fight. Once Tipper speaks to him about their dumb “perfect” ways, Ted snaps out of it and accepts his family with open arms. Directly after, he does receive a call from Gasteyer’s Harry Levin who is willing to give him leadway, but only if Harper stays quiet about her being in a relationship with a woman. He rejects the offer, and a year later he has become mayor anyway through other avenues. Yay!

The Rock Got A Float In Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, And The Internet Can’t Get Enough

With Dwayne Johnson continuing to be one of the world’s most famous movie stars, perhaps in the years to come, we might see this balloon resurface. Even better, why don’t we get other balloons depicting Johnson at other points in his career? Just imagine seeing something like Scorpion King Rock or Jumanji Rock floating down one of New York City’s streets when the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is back to its usual routine.

The Godfather Part III’s Director’s Cut Has Earned One Of The Main Stars’ Seal Of Approval

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It’s hardly controversial to say that The Godfather movies are treasured film classics… or at least, the first two are. 1990’s The Godfather Part III, on the other hand, was met with mixed critical reception upon its initial release, and while it did later earn seven Academy Award nominations, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who finds it measures up to its predecessors. However, the director’s cut of The Godfather Part III arriving soon may fare differently, and it already has a fan in Diane Keaton, known in the Godfather world for playing Kay Adams-Corleone.

Hulu’s Run: That Time Actors Faked Disabilities To Star With Sarah Paulson

Yikes! As Sev Ohanian told MovieMaker, before they found Kiera Allen, they came across two actors who actually pretended to be disabled for the audition in order to get the role. But thanks to social media screenings, they were not fooled for too long and ended up finding the perfect choice in Allen. I wish I could say I’m surprised here, but I’d imagine a lot of budding actors would go to great lengths to star in this major role, and next to one of the most talented and charismatic actors out there as your mother no less.