The ‘Driver’s License’ Drama Continues—Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Still trying to figure out why “Drivers License” is all over your feed? Think about it this way: Remember when Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan were feuding over Aaron Carter? That’s kind of what’s going down between Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett, and Sabrina Carpenter. 

Here’s everything you need to know about “Driver’s License” and the drama behind the official breakup hit of 2021. 

Who’s involved?

In case those names mentioned above mean nothing to you, Olivia Rodrigo, 17, stars in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series on Disney+ alongside Joshua Bassett, 20. And just like the original High School Musical cast, the onscreen pair was rumored to be dating in real life. They even wrote music together that was used in the show. 

However, more recently, Bassett has been “spotted” with Sabrina Carpenter, 21, who first rose to fame on Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World (man, everything is a reboot these days).

What supposedly happened?

Per People, this led fans to believe that Bassett had split with Rodrigo for Carpenter. The timing isn’t super clear here, since people have basically pieced it together and made inferences from what’s posted on Instagram, and no one involved has commented on it. (So let that tell you to take this all with a grain of salt.) Bassett and Carpenter went as Sharkboy and Lavagirl for Halloween, which could be a couple costume in the romantic sense or the friendship sense, but they were definitely “together” in some way.

How is that part of “Drivers License?” 

In the lyrics of the song, Rodrigo sings about getting her license “just like we always talked about,” which fans think is a reference to Bassett, as a resurfaced video indicates he helped her learn to drive. A few lines later, Rodrigo references a “blonde girl” who is “older” and made her feel insecure, possibly Carpenter. Then again, back in July, Rodrigo posted a video of herself working on the song in which the line references a “brunette.” So the change to “blonde” could be totally benign.  

What’s the Taylor Swift connection?

Rodrigo has been a fan of Swift’s for years, and TayTay recently congratulated her on her success after “Drivers License” started breaking serious records and topping the charts. Swift was known to write diaristic songs when she was Rodrigo’s age and even revisited the teenage love triangle theme (albeit a fictional one) on her Folklore album. 

What are people saying?

Oh, anything and everything. It’s become a huge trend on TikTok to explore the various points of view presented in the song, as well as to theorize about the real-life drama that could have inspired it. The good news is that Bassett praised the song on Instagram, and everyone seemed to be on mostly good terms, even if feelings were hurt at some point.

But then Joshua Bassett released his own song…

Bassett released the track “Lie, Lie, Lie” on January 14, following the popularity of “Driver’s License.” Fans had particular feelings about him using a car in the artwork for the track, which many felt was a direct reference to Rodrigo’s record-breaking song.

Steve Harvey Had the Most Hilarious Response to Michael B. Jordan Dating His Daughter

Steve Harvey has thoughts on his stepdaughter Lori Harvey’s new boyfriend, Michael B. Jordan. While the Family Feud host is a fan of the Black Panther star, he warns that People’s reigning Sexiest Man Alive could lose his favor at any time. 

“I like this one. I still got my eye on him,” Harvey said on iHeartRadio’s The Steve Harvey Morning Show on January 22, per People. “I mean I like him, but like I say to all of ’em, ‘I might like you, I might approve of you, but I got a thumb-size section of my heart filled with nothing but pure hatred for your ass. Just in case I need it.'”

Harvey may consider Jordan a “nice guy” for now, the TV personality says that could change with one wrong move. “All I gotta do is click a switch and I can hate your ass,” he continued, adding a dig at the actor’s new title. “Cause, you ain’t the sexiest man in the world to me! Let’s be clear about that.”

Lori Harvey confirmed her relationship with Michael B. Jordan on January 10, posting a photo with the 33-year-old actor on Instagram with a heart-emoji caption. He also shared another image with Harvey on his own page that same day.

At the time, a source told People that the couple had been dating a few months. “They spent all the major holidays together in November and December,” the source. “Lori seems very happy.”

 According to another source, they “wanted to get to know each other in private” before going public with their relationship. 

Just a few days after announcing their relationship, Michael B. Jordan wished Harvey’s stepdaughter a happy 24th birthday and shared a cute photo and video on his Instagram.

However, it seems the pair traded the snow for the sun on a recent vacation to the Caribbean island of St. Barts. Harvey posted a couple of photos taken by Jordan on her feed on January 21. 

Underneath the bathing suit pics, the Sexiest Man Alive commented, “💚✨.”

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler Spark Reconciliation Rumors With Cryptic Posts

Fans don’t know what to believe after Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler shared the same cryptic Instagram post on January 22. 

“The world is full of users. 10 years. Can’t break that,” the reality star and football quarterback both posted on Instagram alongside a photo of the former(?) couple. These posts come amid reports that Cavallari ended a recent romance with stand-up comic Jeff Dye. 

Back in April 2020, Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler announced their divorce after a decade together, immediately sparking rumors that Cutler had cheated on the Very Cavallari star. “I always thought it was interesting when people would refer to us as ‘couple goals,’” Cavallari told People in September. “I was like, If you guys only knew.”

She added, “We definitely kept a lot of stuff private. Producers saw stuff, but they didn’t put it in the show—which is good, because I don’t want my kids to ever [see that].”

Now, many believe the pair are hinting at reconciliation. “Brosss love it🔥🔥🔥 now can we get that show back tho?! Miss you both,” a fan commented on Cutler’s most recent Instagram post.

Meanwhile, other fans feel the pair is simply confirming their loyalty to one another and solidifying their bond as co-parents of their young children Camden Jack, Jaxon Wyatt, and Saylor James. “Don’t see how people are confused. They were together for 10 years,” one of Cavallari’s followers wrote. “They are still loyal to each other despite a divorce because they love and respect one another. Doesn’t mean they’re getting back together. Can’t break a 10-year bond.”

Some simply don’t know what to believe. “Honestly, y’all are probably just rocking the crap out of co-parenting and dealing with this hot mess as best as you can,” one fan admitted. “But ima ignore that and pretend this means y’all are staying together because that’s what makes me feel better. OKAY 😂💛”

“And you get the award for most confusing caption,” another user replied to Cutler’s post. 

Following these posts, a source told People that both parties are single and have not rekindled their romance. “They are friends and single,” the source claimed. “They will always have each other’s back no matter what.” 

Larry King, TV Host and Interview Legend, Has Died at 87

Larry King—one of the most influential talk show host in TV and radio history—has died at 87 years old. King was hospitalized with COVID-19 over the holidays.

Ora Media, the media company co-founded by King, announced the news on January 23. “For 63 years and across the platforms of radio, television, and digital media, Larry’s many thousands of interviews, awards, and global acclaim stand as a testament to his unique and lasting talent as a broadcaster,” the statement read. “Additionally, while it was his name appearing in the shows’ titles, Larry always viewed his interview subjects as the true stars of his programs, and himself as merely an unbiased conduit between the guest and audience.”

According to TMZ, King has conducted over 30,000 interviews during his career, including the likes of President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Lady Gaga, Prince, and more. “Whether he was interviewing a U.S. president, foreign leader, celebrity, scandal-ridden personage, or an everyman, Larry liked to ask short, direct, and uncomplicated questions,” the statement continued. “He believed concise questions usually provided the best answers, and he was not wrong in that belief.”

Ora Media noted that the interviews conducted over the course of King’s career “remain part of the historical record of the late 20th and early 21st century.”

Before being diagnosed with COVID-19, King had several heart attacks and underwent a quintuple bypass surgery heart attacks in 1987. He went on to establish the Larry King Cardiac Foundation for uninsured patients. King also survived lung cancer in 2017. 

Larry King has been married eight times and is survived by five children; Cannon, Chance, Danny, Kelly, and Larry Jr.  King recently suffered the loss of two children, Andy and Chaia, within weeks of each other. “Losing them feels so out of order. No parent should have to bury a child,” he wrote on Instagram in August 2020.

Online, fans are sharing their favorite Larry King moments—from the hilarious to the heartfelt. 

RIP, Larry King.

Kate Middleton Swapped Her Usual Blowout for Super Long, Pin-Straight Hair

Kate Middleton’s bouncy blowout is one of her style signatures, but she does switch things up from time to time. Exhibit A: The super long, super straight hair she debuted on a recent video call with nurses working the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Duchess of Cambridge spoke to several nurses from the University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust. “You hear time and time again about the amazing things nurses up and down the country are doing—going that extra mile,” she said, according to People. “It’s the things that, you know, it’s not part of the training and the things that you’re taught but the things that come from your heart.”

Check out a clip of the chat, below. Of course, what Middleton is talking about is the most important thing here, but it’s possible to appreciate two things at once. And I must confess: I love the long, sleek hair. 

As with most royal hair changes, we likely won’t get any details from Kate Middleton’s stylist. Maybe the long length is the result of lockdown restrictions on hair salons. (We can relate.) Maybe she wanted to keep things no-fuss to focus on the conversation at hand. Or, like many of us in quarantine, she’s keeping her looks easy and casual. Regardless, the end result is gorgeous, and we’d buy whatever products she’s using in a heartbeat.

Middleton isn’t the only royal who recently grew out her hair. Meghan Markle showed off her long hair last July, and the internet promptly freaked out. 


Bringing it back to Middleton’s important conversation, Kensington Palace wrote the following on Instagram account about her chat: “Nurses up and down the country are going that extra mile, at a time when patients need it the most. These acts of courage, strength and kindness matter so much right now and we owe you a huge thank you for all that you have done and continue to do throughout these difficult times.” Indeed.

What Is Your Skin Barrier and Why Is Everyone Talking About It?

Seemingly overnight, it became impossible to scroll social media without a skinfluencer talking about strengthening your skin barrier. Across Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, skin care pros and enthusiasts have switched their focus from instant-gratification products like acids and peels to the somewhat unsexy stratum corneum (the technical term for your skin moisture barrier). 

So why exactly is everyone talking about barrier repair right now? In addition to it being an extremely important factor in your overall skin health—more on that later—the pandemic may have something to do with the influx of interest in barrier-strengthening products. 

“Barrier repair is such a huge conversation for myriad reasons,” says Sean Garrette, a licensed esthetician, Fenty Skin ambassador, and barrier repair enthusiast. He says one reason the skin barrier is top of mind right now is because, for many, it’s more irritated than usual. “Because we’re wearing masks and facial coverings daily, a lot of us are suffering from maskne,” he says of the breakouts and irritation caused from the friction and heat of wearing a face mask.

New York dermatologist Shereene Idriss, M.D., agrees that masks are bringing irritation top of mind. She also says the pandemic has given us extra time to really pay attention to our skin. “Unlike previously, when people did not have the time nor bandwidth to understand their skin and would rely on makeup to cover up, people are finally taking the time to understand how to repair their skin rather than just mask it,” she says.

So, what exactly is the skin barrier and its function?

Basically, your skin is composed of several different layers, and your skin barrier—also called your moisture barrier—is the outermost one. In the simplest terms, its job is to keep bad things like irritants out, and good things like hydration in. Many dermatologists say to think of your skin barrier as a brick-and-mortar structure. “The bricks are skin cells, and the mortar is the lipids and proteins between,” says Mona Gohara, M.D, a dermatologist in Connecticut. “Together, they keep water locked in and irritants out.”

Keeping water in your skin is your barrier’s number one job, and is key for not only dewy, bouncy skin, but overall healthy skin. Keeping your barrier strong slows down transcutaneous evaporative water loss (TEWL), which can lead to skin conditions like atopic dermatitis and eczema

What causes a damaged skin barrier? 

Your skin barrier can very easily become damaged, and those bricks become unglued. This leads to the water loss mentioned above, and your skin can become dehydrated and irritated. Most of the barrier damage comes from stripping your skin of its natural oils, due to harsh cleansers, acne medication, and acids.

Scrubbing too hard, waxing, DIY ingredients like lemon and baking soda, and on some skin types, alcohol and fragrance are also common culprits for damage. Idriss warns that over-utilizing the same ingredients in different steps of your routine—for example, a salicylic acid face wash and toner—can also contribute to dehydration. She says internal factors like stress and hormones can also lead to an impaired barrier. 

Garrette says that one of the main reasons his clients experience barrier damage is because they are exfoliating way too often. It’s hard not to fall into the trap of buying six different exfoliating products, but it’s so easy to overdo it and cause sensitivity and irritation. 

What are the signs of skin barrier damage? 

One of the only plus sides of a compromised barrier? It’s pretty easy to tell that that’s what you’re dealing with. Your skin will look and feel overall irritated—think redness, scaly texture, itching, and inflammation. Gohara says you can even experience rashes, while Garrette says a telltale sign of a damaged barrier is that you experience stinging and burning when applying non-active products like cleansers or hydrating serums. An out of whack barrier may also lead to acne, which will only be exacerbate by more harsh treatments. 

How to repair a damaged skin barrier 

If the above paragraph had you scared that one too many exfoliating products would leave you red and scaly forever, that’s not the case. In fact, it’s actually a pretty straightforward process to reverse the damage and get your barrier back in good shape. While your first instinct may be to up your skin care game, all three experts say less is way more here. 

We Officially Want Everything From Gigi Hadid’s Winter Wardrobe

Talk about making an entrance. These fuzzy shoulders are enough to make me throw my whole wardrobe away on sight, but luckily the internet has some longline coats available that nod at the masterpiece above. Gigi added youthful flair to the classic silhouette with yellow embossed Dr. Martens, light-wash denim, and dad glasses for cool factor—but the sleek chignon makes it fashion.

Oversized Alpaca Blend Coat


& Other Stories

Wool-Blend Coat

Dr. Martens Pascal Ankle Boots



Woman’s Mid-Calf Boots



The Shacket

Gigi Hadid is seen in NoHo on January 13, 2021 in New York City. Gotham

It’s not a shirt, it’s not a jacket—it’s a shacket. The thick button-down has emerged as an essential layering piece this season, moonlighting as a top but delivering added warmth and room for sweaters underneath. A caffeinated Hadid went for a monochromatic look with a deceiving baby blue set from Chanel-owned knitwear brand, Barrie. They might look like jeans—but they’re fringed cashmere trousers that cost more than my rent—but I digress. Snatch up your shacket of choice and complete the loungewear ‘fit with velour pants and off-white Reeboks.

Blue Brushed Plaid Shacket



Oversized Shirt Jacket


& Other Stories

Song of Style Maureen Pant



Reebok X Victoria Beckham Dual Court II Grained-Leather Trainers


Matches Fashion

The Plaid Overcoat

Gigi Hadid goes for a walk with her baby and a friend on January 10th, 2020 in New York City, New York. MEGA

A high-low queen. Khai’s mom donned a plaid number from Mango while out and about, pairing the coat with sold-out Dear Frances boots and the same Louis Vuitton bucket hat from above. The cream-colored sunglasses are also all gone, but you can still get the tortoise versions below.

Oversize Wool Coat

Sanctuary Wool Blend Plaid Coat



Villa Rouge Scarlett Knee High Boots



Valentina (Havana)



The Oversize Blazer

Gigi Hadid is seen in SoHo on January 15, 2021 in New York City.Raymond Hall

Hadid and her Bugaboo looked chic per usual while en route to celebrate longtime boyfriend Zayn’s latest release, “Nobody Is Listening.” The boxy 3.Paradis blazer was a perfect match for distressed vintage denim from Danielle Guizio, topped with a muted scarf and her go-to brown Docs. Bonus points for the red scrunchie and gold hoops.

Free People Ashby Blazer



The Oversized Blazer



Wool Fringed Blanket Scarf


& Other Stories

Moussy Vintage MV Odessa Wide Straight Jeans



The Perfect Puffer

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – JANUARY 11: Gigi Hadid is seen in Chelsea on January 11, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Gotham/GC Images)Gotham

Bundled and sporty, the Malibu-born city slicker served all-black (save for a pop of neon)—providing one more sign to invest in a great puffer jacket. Hadid was seen wearing the same workout-ready face mask she’s kept on rotation lately—and we couldn’t help but wonder: Are pigtails making a comeback?

Tna The Super Puff™ Shorty



Ottoman Leggings

Zoom Kobe 6 Protro ‘Grinch’

Ultra Sport Face Mask

The Invisible Cloak 

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – DECEMBER 15: Gigi Hadid (L) and Bella Hadid are seen in SoHo on December 15, 2020 in New York City. (Photo by Gotham/GC Images)Gotham

Spotted for the first time since giving birth to Baby Khai, the swaddled mama stayed low-key alongside Bella Hadid, with both sisters giving high-end secret spy in long coats, hats, sunglasses, and masks. No matter how much you miss the feeling of fresh air on your face, it’s hard to deny the relief of avoiding awkward run-ins on the sidewalk. Silver linings!

BB Dakota Paddington Coat



Brixton Women’s Kayla Cap

Schutz Andorra Leather Combat Boot



Ruffled Collar Cotton Denim Shirt


& Other Stories

23 French Clothing Brands You Might Not Know, but Definitely Should

When you think of French clothing brands, it’s the iconic fashion houses—Dior, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Celine—that probably come to mind. Their designs are stunning and totally worthy of a dream wish list, but they’re not exactly the most practical or affordable. Luckily a number of chic and budget-friendly Parisian labels have popped up in recent years, making it insanely easy to channel those French girl vibes for less.

French style consistently appeals to so many of us because it’s an effortlessly elegant vibe that can make us feel like our truest self. It’s all about ease, and most women across the Atlantic don’t really care for throwaway, high-street styles. What do they care about is clothing that’s well-made and versatile—pieces that read polished without trying too hard.

You won’t see red berets or ballet flats in here, but what you will find are simultaneously essential and fresh designs that can slip seamlessly into your wardrobe. The French fashion brands listed below also have a consistent point of view (that je ne sais quoi, if you will), so you don’t have to worry about adding something to cart today that will look dated tomorrow. Shop 23 of the best French clothing brands ahead.


With its fashionable silhouettes and edgy-but-subtle details, Maje’s pieces always feel current. The brand has grown in popularity since it opened doors stateside in 2011, and is currently stocked at major retailers like Nordstrom and Bloomingdales. 

Overshirt-Style Ecru Jacket



Mohair Cardigan with Fancy Buttons




We can’t talk about Maje without mentioning Sandro—its slightly more polished sister brand. Check them out if your style leans classic since they make quality basics with a twist. Think boyfriend blazers, embellished jeans, and ruffled white button-downs.

Breton Sweater with Contrasting Cables



Cowboy Style Boots




Meet the sneakers that are about to be a staple in your closet (if they’re not already). Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton both love Veja’s white sneakers, and for good reason: They’re sustainably made and pair well with anything already in your wardrobe.

Veja Esplar Sneakers



Veja V-10 Sneakers




Fans of Maje and Sandro will love Ba&sh for its similar selection of trendy pieces at affordable price points. We’re partial to its printed blouses and sweatshirts to dress up (or down) a pair of jeans.

opus. Print Blouse



tarah. Sweatshirt



Zadig & Voltaire

“Boho chic” is the first thing that comes to mind with Zadig & Voltaire. Its lace-paneled camisoles, teddy coats, and slouchy knits will give your current wardrobe some serious attitude. 

Zadig & Voltaire Christy Velvet Blouse



Zadig & Voltaire Fun Curly Jacket



Isabel Marant

From Katie Holmes to Beyoncé to Gigi Hadid, Isabel Marant and her eponymous diffusion line Isabel Marant Étoile have a serious celeb following. Her accessories and ready-to-wear designs are instantly recognizable (she was the first to make sneaker wedges a fashion must-have, btw), and somehow never go out of style.

Isabel Marant Étoile Moby Ombré Logo Sweatshirt



Isabel Marant Elise Blouson Sleeve Sweater




A cult-favorite on Instagram, Rouje has a range of vintage-inspired tops and knits that look great with high-waisted denim or silk slips. Like its founder Jeanne Damas, you can expect the overall vibe to be soft and feminine without trying too hard. 

ALDO Blouse

TINA Cardigan

Loulou Studio

When Parisian influencer Chloé Harrouche couldn’t find the knitwear she’d always wanted, she decided to make it herself. The result: Laid-back staples in rich fabrics that make you feel good in your skin. Loulou Studio is truly an extension of Harrouche’s personal style, with boyish tailoring and earthy tones dominating the color palette.

Loulou Studio Tromelin Knitted Ribbed Cashmere Bralette


Moda Operandi

Loulou Studio Maddalena Cashmere Track Pants




No matter your personal style, Morgane Sézalory’s vintage-inspired brand will easily win you over. Its pieces are romantic and so easy to mix and match. Work one of its mohair knits into your rotation and see for yourself.  

Marlow Jumper



Kendall Shirt



The Kooples

If Zadig & Voltaire feels too grungy and Sandro too polished, you might love Parisian brand, The Kooples. The brand always features real-life couples in its ads, and fittingly, its pieces have an understated, unisex feel.

Camel-Colored Hoodie with Leopard Drawstring


The Kooples

Ecru Cotton Shirt with High Neck


The Kooples

Musier Paris

Here’s another influencer-led brand making waves. Brought to life by Anne-Laure Mais in 2018, Musier Paris gained major traction after Bella Hadid wore one of its cropped cardigans on a yacht this summer. Look to the brand for the ultimate Parisian wardrobe: shrunken knits, tailored separates, and versatile dresses.

Top Melissa



Dress Sofia




If you consider swimwear to be a worthwhile investment, Eres is the label to have on deck. The French brand is known for its elegant one-pieces and bikinis, featuring minimal seams and long-lasting fabrics. Its lingerie collection is not be missed either. 

Eres Cassiopée Printed Bandeau Swimsuit



Eres Les Essentiels Asia Swimsuit




Those low-cut draped dresses and tiny bags you’ve been seeing all over the internet? You have Jacquemus to thank for that. The brand’s been enjoying its time in the sun, with basically everything being sought after by celebrities and fashion influencers—Boobie Billie included.  

Jacquemus Le Chiquito Noeud Small Leather Shoulder Bag



Jacquemus Valerie Leather and Canvas Slingback Sandals



The Frankie Shop

You may know The Frankie Shop for its minimalist vibes and expert curation (Ganni and Nanushka are two of the labels it carries), but the buzzy boutique also designs some of the coolest basics. Case in point: Its sweatshirt sets and sweater-and-scarf combo which feel both on-trend and timeless. 

Frankie Shop Ribbed-Knit Turtleneck Sweater and Scarf Set



Frankie Shop Jaimie Oversized Cotton-Jersey Sweatshirt and Shorts Set




Give your top drawer a much-needed refresh with intimates from Ysé. The brand is founded by women for women, so you know you’re getting bras and undies that make you feel like your best self. Learn more about its made-to-measure approach here.

Robe Une Chanson Douce

Triangle Foulard À Fleur de Peau


Drawing on her French and Middle Eastern background, Faiza Bouguessa’s label is all about modest and luxurious designs. Her shirt dresses, abayas, and trench coats are great examples of how she bridges modern culture with traditional dressing values.

Linen Maxi Skirt



Signature Shirt Dress



Maison Château Rouge

Maison Château Rouge is a socially-conscious lifestyle brand that sells hand-made, African-inspired fashion and home decor.  It was founded in 2015 by brouthers Youssouf and Mamadou Fofana as a way to change the narrative around African culture in France.

Naif ‘Khady’ T-Shirt


Maison Château Rouge

Sweat á Capuche Uni Avec Motif Young Cut


Maison Château Rouge

Ernest Leoty

“Tailored” and “activewear” aren’t necessarily two words you’d put together, but that’s exactly what you’ll find at Ernest Leoty. The brand draws inspiration from Leoty’s heritage as a storied corset maker, bringing you elegant bodysuits and stretchy sports bras in high-quality fabrics.

Ernest Leoty Anais Stretch Bodysuit



Ernest Leoty Anouk Cotton-Jersey Track Pants



Charlotte Chesnais

For jewelry that looks like a work of art, check out Charlotte Chesnais. Her sinuous, sculptural rings and earrings in gold vermeil and silver are statement pieces are well worth the investment. You’ll own them for years to come. 

Charlotte Chesnais Ribbon 18kt Gold-Plated Sterling-Silver Ring


Matches Fashion

Charlotte Chesnais Pearl & 18kt Gold-Vermeil Ear Cuff


Matches Fashion

Claudie Pierlot

Like many of the brands in this list, Claudie Pierlot’s clothes have a preppy but sophisticated vibe. Bookmark the label if you’re on the hunt for a new jumpsuit or Zoom-ready top.

Claudie Pierlot Jacques Houndstooth Cotton-Blend Jumpsuit



Claudie Pierlot Cocteau Ruffle-Detail Woven Blouse



A.P.C. Atelier

Opting for something super minimal? Look no further than the clean lines at A.P.C. Atelier. Its raw denim is a cult-fave too since it never loses shape or shrinks in the wash.

New Sailor Jeans


A.P.C. Atelier

Suzy Tailor Top


A.P.C. Atelier


French women love their leather jackets—and Iro has some of the best on the market. They cost a pretty penny, but you’re paying for quality. The material gets better with age, and unlike some oversized fits which can feel too Danny Zuko in Grease, Iro’s slim-fit designs would add polish to your look à la Emmanuelle Alt

Iro Labra Blouse



Iro Ashville Leather Jacket



Why Some Say Netflix’s New True Crime Doc, The Night Stalker, Goes Too Far

Netflix’s new true crime doc series, The Night Stalker, has a lot of people talking—and not all of it is good. 

The four-episode series centers on Richard Ramirez, the serial killer who terrorized Los Angeles and San Francisco in the 1980s. Ramirez didn’t have a certain “type” of target; he murdered young people, old people, women, men, and across races. He also sexually assaulted women and children. He was a monster; there’s no other way to describe him. 

Netflix goes into detail about Ramirez’s crimes, sharing testimonials from survivors and their families, as well as photos from the actual crime scenes. The images are disturbing, and many are presented in dramatic slow motion. BuzzFeed calls the series a “gory mess.” Others on Twitter are using different words. 

“Maybe, yes, Netflix went too far in filming Night Stalker,” one person tweeted. Someone else added, “Watching the new Netflix Night Stalker series. No need for them to include the victim crime scene photos, and slo-mo blood splatter shots, it’s not necessary.” 

“Not sure if I can get through all of #NightStalker on Netflix. This is tough viewing,” a third person wrote.

Some, however, are defending the show’s intense approach. “Ramirez was glorified by groupies and ‘fans’ for a long time,” one person said. “Showing what he did – literally – as well as detailing the more horrendous things are necessary to show that he is not someone to be revered but is a monster.” 

According to Today, The Night Stalker has a TV-MA rating for “nudity, sexual violence, language, and smoking.” That being said, the episodes don’t start with warnings about graphic content, and perhaps they should. Maybe the criticism wouldn’t be as sharp.

All four episodes of The Night Stalker are now streaming on Netflix. Consider this your warning to tread carefully. 

Joe Biden’s Daughter and Granddaughters Say They Look Up to Sasha and Malia Obama

On January 20, America said out with the Trumps and in with Joe Biden’s much cooler family—one with style, dance moves, and zero interest in holding positions in the president’s administration. To be honest, all it took was a tuxedo, some pastel coats, and a pair of sneakers for first daughter Ashley Biden and her nieces, Natalie, Maisy, Finnegan, and Naomi Biden, to steal the show at the inauguration. 

Despite not receiving any sort of welcome from their predecessors, the Biden women are looking back for guidance on how to handle life in the spotlight, just not from Donald Jr., Tiffany, Eric, or Ivanka Trump. In a new interview with Today, the Bidens revealed they’ll be taking some cues from Sasha and Malia Obama

“[We’ve] had the privilege of being able to see two of our friends navigate eight years of what was really difficult and they did so so beautifully and they came out so grounded and humble and they’re so smart and driven,” 21-year-old Finnegan said in the pre-inaugural interview with former first daughter Jenna Bush Hager. “So I think we can only take advice from them.”

Of course, things could get awkward when the former first daughters return to their old home, Finnegan notes. “They’ve been so nice and offering advice to us and support,” she continued. “So it’ll be weird, though, when they come to the White House to hang out.” You know, because those were Sasha and Malia’s bedrooms first. 

The Obama and Biden families are so interlocked that Maisy recalls the time President Barack Obama served as the coach of her and the Obama girls’ basketball team—a temporary position he was eventually forced to give up. “There were a lot of teams that were like, ‘This is unfair. You can’t have the president be your coach,” the 20-year-old revealed. “But, I mean, we won. So maybe it wasn’t fair.”

Watch the full clip, below, and for more info on Joe Biden’s daughter and granddaughters, you can click here and here. You’re going to be hearing a lot from these women for at least the next four years.