Of Course Rihanna Looks Amazing With a Mullet

Rihanna—singer, makeup mogul, and lingerie queen—just posted a video of herself rocking a mullet, and she looks great.

In the video, posted on January 24, Ms. Fenty dances in what looks like a hotel bedroom in lingerie from her SavageXFenty collection, wearing a sheer bra, a lace-up skirt, and gloves. Plus, jewelry, makeup, and most importantly, a mullet (possibly a wig, but still). Captioned “Cupid could NEVA! #ValentinesDayCountdown @savagexfenty,” the video is certainly a Valentine’s Day vibe. Better get those orders in now if you want to wear Savage on the holiday. (Rihanna, for those curious, has recently been linked to A$AP Rocky, but neither has confirmed a relationship. They were spotted kissing in Barbados a few weeks ago.) 

It’s the casual butt shaking, for me, personally.

Rih’s been super playful on Instagram lately. When President Joe Biden was inaugurated on January 20, she posted a picture of herself taking out bags of trash, perhaps a metaphor for the outgoing Trump administration, with the caption, “I’m just here to help…#wediditJoe.”

Now, before you spam the comments on either of these posts asking for new music, she’s working on it, okay? As recently as October, 2020, RiRi was dropping hints that an album is coming. “I just want to have fun with music. Everything is so heavy. The world that we live in is a lot. It’s overwhelming every single day. And with the music, I’m using that as my outlet,” she told the Associated Press, also saying she’d had “writing camps” for a new record and may have even finished a song or two. “I’m stuck with music that I love, and now I’m trying to figure out how I can even create visuals to that,” she said.

Come to think of it, maybe the mullet is the perfect style for work-hard, play-hard Rihanna. 

UCLA Gymnast Nia Dennis Is Going Viral—Again—for Another Incredible Floor Routine

Last year, UCLA gymnast Nia Dennis went super viral on the internet for her all-Beyoncé floor routine, and now she’s done it again. 

The UCLA senior dedicated her latest floor routine to Black culture, according to The Guardian, and incorporated several Black artists into her set music: Kendrick Lamar, Tupac Shakur, Missy Elliott, Soulja Boy, Megan Thee Stallion, and, of course, Beyoncé

It’s an incredible, jaw-dropping performance, and I vote we give Dennis all the gold medals right now. Watch it for yourself, below. 

Dennis scored a 9.95/10 from the judges and earned high praise from celebrities and fans alike. Missy Elliott herself said the performance was “snappin,” while Simone Biles tweeted, “okay @DennisNia do the damn thing girl; this was so fun to watch! keep killing it!.”  (Dennis responded to Biles, “Thank you, girl.”) 

The love keeps pouring in, too. “Here’s your daily moment of WOW: a 9.95 score for this phenomenal, joyous, ferocious floor routine by UCLA gymnast Nia Dennis,” MSNBC’s Joshua Johnson tweeted. Another added, “Nia Dennis going viral Again is the best thing of 2021.”  And a third said, “every time i see gymnast #NiaDennis on my TL… i CRY, i really do… i’m crying now.” 

“This routine definitely reflects everything that I am today as a woman,” Dennis said to the Los Angeles Daily News, “And of course I had to incorporate a lot of parts of my culture. I wanted to have a dance party because that’s my personality and of course I had to shout out L.A., because we out here, UCLA.”

After her floor routine went viral last year, Nia Dennis tweeted, “I am overwhelmed with happiness and joy, thank you everyone for such positive messages, it means the world to me to have your support. this is so surreal i can’t even believe it! much love always.. -xx nations.” 

A Detailed Guide to Teletherapy

It’s safe to say 2020 was a year of grief, frustration, and collective anxiety—and 2021 doesn’t seem to be any more chill. Teletherapy is starting to look pretty good. 

If it hadn’t before, the question of how to find a therapist has probably entered your mind. We are (not surprisingly) more stressed, anxious, and depressed than ever. In 2018, one in five American adults reported experiencing mental illness, and 2020 is pushing the number of people dealing with stress and anxiety to historic levels.

“The most common issue since March has been anxiety,” says Amy Cirbus, Ph.D., a licensed mental health counselor and director of clinical content at Talkspace, a platform through which therapists offer text, audio, and video support remotely. “For some users right now, the current climate has exacerbated chronic mental health problems. For others, their mental health challenges are brand-new. We know just how tough it can be to reach out for help for the first time.”

Online therapy has become more important than ever. And in an age of social distancing, connecting virtually is the new norm. “By wearing a mask, your facial expressions, around your mouth or by the creases around your eyes, are hidden,” says Alyssa Petersel, licensed master social worker, founder of MyWellbeing, a therapist-matching service in New York. “A therapist might miss those psychosomatic cues, which are helpful in reflecting what you might not be saying, but are likely communicating nonverbally. A mask puts a barrier on emotional communication that might not be verbal.”

Finding a good therapist you click with can be intimidating IRL, let alone virtually. So to help you tap into the many benefits of teletherapy, we’ve created a step-by-step guide to help you find virtual-therapy options that are right for you, from one-on-one talk sessions to virtual groups and on-demand texting.

What is teletherapy about?

When we picture therapy, we often think of a room with a couch, a lamp, a plant, and a bespectacled person with a notebook asking, “How do you feel about that?” But in an age of social distancing, therapy (like just about everything else in our lives) has gone virtual. “There’s a lot more intimacy when you’re meeting a client in their home and they’re meeting you in yours,” says Atara Vogelstein, a licensed creative arts therapist in New York.

Teletherapy, the blanket term for therapy sessions done through a screen, has been around for a few years. But relatively few therapists offered remote therapy, preferring to see clients in person. Michelle Herzog, a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) and certified sex therapist, runs a Chicago practice for couples and individuals and had never provided teletherapy before. When COVID-19 hit, she went all virtual, and her intakes have skyrocketed. “A massive chunk of my caseload I’ve never met in person,” she says. “But now meeting people over video feels normal.”

Hannah Singer, a licensed clinical social worker based in Boston, currently works with clients via Zoom and phone calls through a community mental health center. To support her clients, she tries to ”acknowledge the weirdness,” she says. “I give them the space to grieve that we don’t have answers.”

While therapists transition with clients online, Herzog explained that, as a therapist, “it’s important to have empathy that shit’s really hard right now, so we have to be flexible about how we do therapy.”

Teletherapy vs. in-person therapy

Doing therapy from home is definitely different from traditional therapy. But there are real benefits of teletherapy—in your own home, you may feel more safe. And getting vulnerable may feel less intimidating through a screen.  

Kate Hudson Just Gave a Rare Interview About Raising Her Kids With Three Different Dads

Kate Hudson opened up about raising her three kids with three different co-parents. 

In a new interview with USA Today that aired on January 24, the actor opened up about her blended family. Hudson shares a 17-year-old Ryder son with ex-husband Chris Robinson, a 9-year-old son Bingham with ex-fiancé Matt Bellamy, and a 2-year-old daughter Rani Rose with Danny Fujikawa.

“I’ve got multiple dads, I’ve got kids all over the place,” she said with a laugh. “The only expectations I really have that are really high in my life is with my kids. And with like family stuff. Other than that, it’s like, I just let it go. I work my ass off and then I walk away and I hope for the best.”

Some days, Hudson admits she wants to hide in her bathroom, especially amid lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. “I wanna be, like, ‘Yeah, it’s so great and we’re figuring out,’ but the reality is that there are days that are great and there are days that I have to remind myself to be grateful,” Hudson said. “I never thought in a million years that I’d spend a year in one place. When you have so many kids, sometimes you have those moments where you’re hiding in your bathroom going, ‘Please, please, get me out of here!'”

She added, “I just remind myself there’s a lot of people out there who have lost their loved ones, and we just gotta stay in for a bit.” 

Kate Hudson never knew her own father, musician Bill Hudson. The actor and her brother, Oliver Hudson, were raised by her mother, Goldie Hawn, and stepfather, Kurt Russell (though Hawn and Russell never married). “I think that estrangement is unfortunately quite common,” she said in the interview. “I think it’s important for people to talk about that. If they can’t reconnect or if it’s too challenging, that it’s OK, right?”

The How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days star did concede that her relationship with her birth father is “a 41-year-old issue.”

“I have a beautiful mother. I have a stepfather who stepped in and played a huge, huge part in sharing what it is to have a dependable father figure in our life,” she said. “But it doesn’t take away from the fact that we didn’t know our dad.”

She continued, “I think as I’ve sort of gone through that process…I kind of look at my dad and I’m, like, ‘You know, the love has never ever gone anywhere. It’s always been there, no matter what those complications have been.” 

Watch the full interview, below.

Emily Ratajkowski Shuts Down Rumors That She Got Lip Injections While Pregnant

Emily Ratajkowski is firing back after fans suggested she’s been getting lip fillers while pregnant.

The model took to Instagram stories on January 22 to deny those rumors and discuss how her body has changed while pregnant with her first child. “You can’t even get injections when you’re pregnant,” she wrote over a mirror selfie, per Us Weekly. “A woman’s blood volume increases 50% which is why ladies can get a little puffy in the face and lips during pregnancy”

In fact, Ratajkowski stated that she’s never had lip injections even before her pregnancy, adding, “No judging folks who do—y’all look great!”

She also shut down rude commenters who say things like, “you’ve been pregnant forever,” which is a particularly odd critique considering she announced her pregnancy with a Vogue digital cover in late October—only three months ago.

“LOL yes pregnancy lasts for 40 weeks which can definitely feel like a long time,” she wrote in response to those comments. “But I announced halfway into my pregnancy and it’s only been three months since then! Actually it’s weirdly gone by very quickly to me.”

Ratajkowski closed out her statement by discussing her new “appreciation” for her body. “It’s weird to have your body change so much in a matter of months but I’ve found I have a whole new appreciation for what my body can do and what is beautiful and I’m gonna celebrate it on here when I feel like it.”

This is not the first time she’s spoken about how the recent changes to her body affect her mental health. In a personal essay for Vogue back in October, Ratajkowski spoke candidly about how she feels when her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, says, “we’re pregnant.”

“While the sentiment is sweet, it’s not entirely true. I resent that his entire family’s DNA is inside of me but that my DNA is not inside him,” she wrote. “I am ultimately alone with my body in this experience. There is no one to feel it with me—the sharp muscular aches in my lower abdomen that come out of nowhere while I’m watching a movie or the painful heaviness of my breasts that now greets me first thing every morning. My husband has no physical symptoms in ‘our’ pregnancy, another reminder of how different a woman and man’s experience of life can be.”

Still, Emily Ratajkowski concluded her essay by saying she’s “at peace” with everything her body is going through. “I’m completely and undeniably helpless when it comes to almost everything surrounding my pregnancy: how my body will change, who my child will be,” she wrote. “But I’m surprisingly unbothered. Instead of feeling afraid, I feel a new sense of peace. I’m already learning from this person inside my body. I’m full of wonder.”

Eva Mendes Says Her Daughter Is the Reason She Took a Break From Social Media

Eva Mendes hasn’t been active on Instagram for about a month—and now we know why.

In a new post from January 23, the actor and mother of two girls—Esmeralda Amada, 6, and Amada Lee, 4—revealed that she was rebuked by one of her kids for being on the phone “too much.”

“Let your kids call you out. It’s not disrespect. It’s healthy,” read a text-post by @latinxparenting that Mendes shared to her feed on Saturday. “Kids can be so fiercely aligned with their value that they will take nothing less than the respect they deserve. They will take no BS. Not even from you. Congratulations, you are raising an empowered child. 

In her caption, Mendes shared a recent discussion she had with her own empowered child. “I haven’t posted lately because my little one told me I was on the phone too much,” Mendes explained. “I could tell she was taking it personally. And she’s a kid, of course she’d take it personally. They take things personally unless we go out of our way to make it clear to them it’s not personal.”

The actor continued, “So we had good talk, I apologized and I promised her I’d be mindful,” Mendes continued. “I realized that just because I’m always home with them doesn’t mean I’m always present. ❤️”

Eva Mendes, who raises her little girls with her longtime partner, Ryan Gosling, who she met on the set of The Place Beyond the Pines in 2011. The actor recently out about struggling to create boundaries on social media and explained why she no longer posts new photos of Gosling or her kids on her Instagram feed. 

“I struggle with social media but I love the constant connection with women,” she wrote in a reply to a fan in March 2020. “As far as Ryan, I’ll only post flashbacks of things that are already ‘out there’ (like pics from movies we did or stuff like that). My man and kids are private.”

Melania Trump Is America’s Least Popular First Lady In Modern History

Donald Trump is not the only one that left the White House with a record-breaking disapproval rating. Melania Trump is officially the least popular first lady in polling history.

According to the latest CNN/SSRS poll, the former first lady ended her term with a 47% unfavorable rating and an approval rating of 42%, which still makes her more popular than her husband, who left office with a 33% approval and 60% disapproval rating, per a Quinnipiac University poll.

“The 47% is the highest unfavorable rating we ever recorded for [Melania] Trump. It’s also amazingly high from a historical perspective,” the CNN report, which was published before the Inauguration of Joe Biden but after Melania’s farewell address, reads. 

According to CNN, these numbers are particularly unusual. “Traditionally, first ladies are nearly uniformly admired. The position is unelected and normally uncontroversial,” reporter Harry Enten writes. “It’s hard to be unpopular.” 

Maybe not so hard after peddling birtherism conspiracies about Barack Obama, destroying Jackie Kennedy’s rose garden, hosting a photoshoot during the attack on the Capitol, those Christmas recordings, and of course, wearing an “I Really Don’t Care, Do You?” jacket on her way to visit the children separated from their families at the U.S. border. Just a thought.

CNN notes that prior to Melania, the average first lady’s final approval rating was 71% with an unfavorable rating of 21%. “That means the average net popularity rating for these first ladies was +50 points,” the report states. For those who don’t want to do the math, that puts Melania’s net rating at -5 points. 

In fact, the second least-popular first lady was Hillary Clinton, who left the White House in 2001 with a net favorability rating of +13 points (52% favorable and 39% unfavorable). Unlike Melania Trump, however, Clinton ran and was elected to the U.S. Senate during her husband’s term, making her a naturally more polarizing figure. 

But hey, at least Melania Trump pulled it together in the end and welcomed Dr. Jill Biden and her family into the White House with open arms, a long-held tradition for First Ladies. Oh, wait…

JoJo Siwa Confirms She’s a Member of the LGBTQ+ Community: ‘I’m the Happiest I’ve Ever Been’

JoJo Siwa is opening up to her fans about identifying as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Over the weekend, the singer and former Dance Moms star appeared to come out through posts on social media. Following a TikTok video posted on January 21 of the 17-year-old lip-syncing and vibing to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way,” the social media star took to Twitter to share a “Best. Gay. Cousin. Ever” T-Shirt that she received as a gift. 

Then on January 23, Siwa took to Instagram Stories to speak directly with her fans. “Personally I have never, ever, ever been this happy before and it feels really awesome. I’ve been happy for a little bit now. It’s just so, so, so awesome,” Siwa said, per People. “You guys probably haven’t seen me this happy since I was on tour.”

But Siwa isn’t willing to put a specific label on herself just yet—or maybe ever. “I have thought about this, but the reason I’m not going to say this answer is because I don’t really know this answer,” she explained to a fan who asked. “I think humans are awesome, I think humans are really incredible people. Right now, I’m super duper happy and I want to share everything with the world but I also want to keep things in my life private until they are ready to be public.”

Siwa then opened up about how long she’s known. “I think my whole life. Because my whole life, I’ve really really been, I just liked people, but I have never fallen in love before,” she explained. “But I always believed that my person was just going to be my person. If that person happened to be a boy, great! And if that person happened to be a girl, great! I think I’m just really happy. I think in life you know when you meet your person, I really do.”

The star felt it was important to show her young fans that there is nothing wrong with being who you are. “Right now what matters is that you guys know that no matter who you love, that it’s okay. It’s awesome and the world is there for you,” she said, adding that there are so many people who will support them. 

Bernie Sanders Released an Inauguration Meme Sweatshirt and It’s Already Sold Out

Of course, Bernie Sanders found a way to help people using the “Bernie in a chair” meme. Seriously, is anyone surprised?

During the Inauguration of President Joe Biden on Wednesday, January 20 (a.k.a. three days ago), an image of the Vermont senator looking particularly cold in his now-famous mittens, winter coat, and no-nonsense face mask went viral. Sanders was quickly photoshopped into every iconic photo, painting, and movie scene you can think of, so it’s no wonder his team quickly whipped up a sweatshirt for his campaign store. 

The “Chairman Sanders Crewneck” is $45 on the website and 100% of proceeds go toward Meals on Wheels Vermont. Actually, the sweatshirt was $45. It’s already completely sold out, according to the website, which states that “due to overwhelming demand” those who were able to order the crewneck will have to wait 4-8 weeks before receiving their package. 

So yeah, Bernie Sanders has seen a lot of your memes. 

“I was just sitting there trying to keep warm, trying to pay attention to what was going on,” he said during an interview on Late Night With Seth Meyers on January 21. “What was really nice is the woman who made the mittens lives in Essex Junction, Vermont, she is a schoolteacher and a very, very nice person. She has been somewhat overwhelmed by the kind of attention that is being shown to her mittens.”

However, Sanders wasn’t nearly as grumpy as the photo would have you think. “I was in tears seeing the new president getting sworn in and the old president leaving Washington,” he told Seth Meyers. “I think the president is off to a very good start. What i liked about his inaugural remarks and the general tone of his administration is he recognizes that this country faces a set of unprecedented crises, from the pandemic to the economy to the very threats against democracy to climate change to income and wealth inequality.”

He continued, “I think if we can give him the support that he needs in congress, he can, in fact, be an extremely progressive president addressing the crises facing working families.”

The ‘Driver’s License’ Drama Just Keeps on Going

Still trying to figure out why “Drivers License” is all over your feed? Think about it this way: Remember when Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan were feuding over Aaron Carter? That’s kind of what’s going down between Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett, and Sabrina Carpenter. 

Here’s everything you need to know about “Driver’s License” and the drama behind the official breakup hit of 2021. 

Who’s involved?

In case those names mentioned above mean nothing to you, Olivia Rodrigo, 17, stars in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series on Disney+ alongside Joshua Bassett, 20. And just like the original High School Musical cast, the onscreen pair was rumored to be dating in real life. They even wrote music together that was used in the show. 

However, more recently, Bassett has been “spotted” with Sabrina Carpenter, 21, who first rose to fame on Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World (man, everything is a reboot these days).

What supposedly happened?

Per People, this led fans to believe that Bassett had split with Rodrigo for Carpenter. The timing isn’t super clear here, since people have basically pieced it together and made inferences from what’s posted on Instagram, and no one involved has commented on it. (So let that tell you to take this all with a grain of salt.) Bassett and Carpenter went as Sharkboy and Lavagirl for Halloween, which could be a couple costume in the romantic sense or the friendship sense, but they were definitely “together” in some way.

How is that part of “Drivers License?” 

In the lyrics of the song, Rodrigo sings about getting her license “just like we always talked about,” which fans think is a reference to Bassett, as a resurfaced video indicates he helped her learn to drive. A few lines later, Rodrigo references a “blonde girl” who is “older” and made her feel insecure, possibly Carpenter. Then again, back in July, Rodrigo posted a video of herself working on the song in which the line references a “brunette.” So the change to “blonde” could be totally benign.  

What’s the Taylor Swift connection?

Rodrigo has been a fan of Swift’s for years, and TayTay recently congratulated her on her success after “Drivers License” started breaking serious records and topping the charts. Swift was known to write diaristic songs when she was Rodrigo’s age and even revisited the teenage love triangle theme (albeit a fictional one) on her Folklore album. 

What are people saying?

Oh, anything and everything. It’s become a huge trend on TikTok to explore the various points of view presented in the song, as well as to theorize about the real-life drama that could have inspired it. The good news is that Bassett praised the song on Instagram, and everyone seemed to be on mostly good terms, even if feelings were hurt at some point.

But then Joshua Bassett released his own song…

Bassett released the track “Lie, Lie, Lie” on January 14, following the popularity of “Driver’s License.” Fans had particular feelings about him using a car in the artwork for the track, which many felt was a direct reference to Rodrigo’s record-breaking song.