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Carrie: 12 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Classic Stephen King Movie

Carrie Originally Had Totally Different Beginning And Ending Scenes, Which Featured Rocks Falling From The Sky

When first reading Stephen King’s Carrie, one sequence that particularly captured Lawrence D. Cohen’s imagination was the included article about how a young Carrie White had successfully made it rain rocks over her house, and there was a long time when that part of the book heavily inspired both the beginning and ending of the film. Unfortunately, on-set issues stood in the way. 

While shooting what would have been a prologue, they realized that the stones they were dropping didn’t register as rocks, but instead just water. And while boulders were originally going to crush the White house at the end of the movie, technical difficulties stopped that from happening, and it was decided that the structure would simply burn and collapse. Some of the shot footage of the original opening scene was repurposed for the ending in the final cut, but all signs point to the rest being lost.

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