Cardi B Says New Single Faces ‘Delay’ Because Of Coronavirus

    Cardi B could have been releasing a new single soon. Last month, she previewed a new song while out at a club and hinted that it would have been out sooner than later. But due to the current coronavirus pandemic that’s swept the world, these release plans have been put on a delay. This morning (March 12), she revealed on Twitter that the virus has been the cause of her radio silence.

    Her message coincides with the sentiment that she expressed in a recent video posted to Instagram where she talks about the impact of this coronavirus strain. “I know shit getting real,” she said while pacing in a room, expressing fear of the spreading outbreak.

    It feels like forever since the world got a taste of what new music that Cardi has to offer, of which she recently relayed to Vogue that she wonders whether fans would even relate to it. After the success of her 2018 debut Invasion of Privacy, she released a new single, “Money,” that fall.

    Last year, she officially shared both “Please Me” and “Press,” two drastically different tunes that continue to show her range and hint at what we’ll get on her follow-up album that’s widely believed to be dropping this year.

    Off the books, she also released a song on Instagram in celebration of her daughter Kulture’s first birthday and shared a minute-long freestyle clip to hold fans over as they wait for more.

    In addition to all of the music that she’s been releasing, Cardi’s been busy in a number of other ways. She starred in Hustlers with Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu last year and she also got into the political arena when she sat down with presidential candidate Bernie Sanders for a discussion about raising minimum wage.

    The good news is that, once this thing passes, Cardi B will be ready to get going again. And to that, we celebrate.

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