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Captain Marvel 2: Release Date, Cast And 6 Quick Things We Know About The MCU Movie

Captain Marvel 2 Will Continue An Origin Story WandaVision Started

Naturally, Captain Marvel 2 was teased at the end of WandaVision when Teyonah Parris’ character was approached by a S.W.O.R.D. agent turned Skrull, who informed her that one of her mother’s friends would like to see her in space. There’s a few options here about who the Skrull was referring to, whether it be Nick Fury, Talos or Captain Marvel herself. Either way, Monica Rambeau is getting an expanded role in the upcoming movie.

As WandaVision told it, Rambeau now has powers of her own, created by the Scarlet Witch’s TV reality, but we didn’t get to experience the full extent of it or find out what alias she’ll be using as a hero. We also don’t know much about Monica’s past before the Snap, especially in terms of what she thinks of her old pal, Carol Danvers. That leaves a lot to be explored in Captain Marvel 2 that Parris herself has teased.

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