Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Developer Responds To Complaints About Network Performance

While most of the buzz surrounding Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has been resoundingly positive, fans have found the status of its servers to be disappointing. Apparently, that’s going to change soon. According to a recent update, Treyarch plans to beef up its servers in the coming weeks, which should make for a more solid and consistent experience no matter which of the game’s online modes you’re playing.

The above was pulled from a recent post on the Black Ops 4 reddit page, which was an official message from the Treyarch team.

To be clear, the servers for Black Ops 4 have been pretty steady so far. Sure, there’s a connection drop every now and then, but that’s to be expected from a new online game. If you take a look at a bunch of reviews, quite a few folks have even commended the game for being mostly smooth from the word “go.”

However, despite the steady connection, fans are not pleased with the fact that the servers were downgraded from the game’s betas. The trial periods for Black Ops 4 saw servers clocking in at 60 hz. Over the first week of live play, however, that’s been dropped to just 20 hz. That means that the server is getting pinged just 20 times per second instead of 60, which can result in things like wonky hit boxes and your position not quite matching up with where you’re actually standing in the live game world.

If you need to see an example of this, check out the kill cam next time you’re trying to figure out how you got spotted/shot by a player who seems to have precognition. I’ve been in situations where I’m standing behind cover, getting ready to pop out, and suddenly I’m shot down by the opponent. Based on the kill cam, though, their view of me actually had my character standing ever-so-slightly out in the open, giving them a clear shot when I thought I was standing behind cover. Boosting the server back up to 60 hz should fix those types of problems and, according to Treyarch, that appears to be the plan moving forward.

As noted in the update, the reason Treyarch decided to downgrade the servers is because 20 hz is more steady than 60 hz, even if precision gameplay has to take a hit. Obviously, Black Ops 4 is a twitch shooter and precision is extremely important, so the developer plans to start improving their offerings steadily, making sure that stability is not forfeited in the process. That’s the same reason they’ve been toying around with the player count in Blackout mode and will continue to do so, looking for the perfect number that guarantees the appropriate pace of play while simultaneously staying as smooth as possible.

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