BTS Sing The Friends Theme Song And Share Some Of Their Secret Dancing Sauce On ‘Carpool Karaoke’

    The wait for James Corden’s caroling commute with BTS is finally over! On the latest edition of “Carpool Karaoke” from The Late Late Show with James Corden, BTS pack into Corden’s massive SUV for an unforgettable ride to work that somehow stops at a cardio class too. 17 minutes and hundreds of handclaps and exciting whoops and yells later, you’ll be ready for them to hop in your car, too.

    Ah, it’s always awesome seeing that opening shot of the back of Corden’s truck, slowly making its way through the disorientating traffic of Los Angeles. The endless sea of cars can make you forget the way to work every few weeks so it makes sense that Corden needs help from celebrities to get him there. His car also isn’t powered by gas, but sweet singing and light interview questions. So “Carpool Karaoke” knocks out two birds with one stone; it helps a man battling traffic from the depths of hell while driving a vehicle that is also a technological breakthrough.

    Corden tops his tank off with a smiling BTS who all grin from ear-to-ear as they prepare for the drive. In the front seat is RM who acts as the liaison between Corden and the group, serving as the translator as well as the interviewee. He reveals that he learned English by watching Friends and launches into a clap-heavy rendition of the theme song. Afterward, RM puts on some snazzy shades and everyone barrels through Bruno Mars and Cardi B‘s “Finesse (Remix).”

    That moment is just one of many. Energetic performances of “On,” “Black Swan,” and “Mic Drop” power the car down the streets, along with a rendition of Post Malone‘s “Circles” that just makes you smile at how heartwarming it is, even if he “smokes too many cigarettes” for the group to get jiggy with in person. RM strums an imaginary guitar for the magical moment.

    It ends soon after Corden hits them with a hilariously awkward proposition: he wants to be BTS’s eighth member. To show them that he can keep up with their high octane performances, he decides to go to a packed dance studio for a body-rolling routine straight out of a steam room. After practically falling out from exhaustion, Jimin decides to share some of the sauce with Corden and the dance class behind them to see if they can keep up with one of BTS’s complicated routines.

    Corden never gets to work and we never see if he becomes the eighth member, but this the most awesome ending that we can imagine.

    Check out BTS’s magnificent “Carpool Karaoke” appearance up above.

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