Brooke Candy Is The Wise Queen Of The Forest Spirits In ‘Nymph’

When you’re either driving or in the passenger seat of a car looking out of the window into a vast sea of trees, do you ever wonder what’s lurking in there? Aside from deers, bears, and trash from motorists who toss it out of the window, there’s real mystery as to what these contain. You could find Sasquatch. Maybe even a chupacabra. Brooke Candy‘s new video, “Nymph,” introduces a third, equally creepy option. Now you’ll have even more to keep your eyes peeled for when looking through the trees.

In Brooke’s world, she’s the leader of a collective of nymphs: strange, almost-human spirits of the forest that want for nothing except to frolic under the shade of sequoias. “Nymph” sounds like a warped, nightmare lullaby; it leaves it up to the video to portray peace and tranquility. And that it does thanks to just how chill these nymphs are. They embrace each other lovingly, dance over grassy beds, and come together to serve natural, Earth-loving looks. Brooke, up until the end of the video wearing an outfit made of ropes, sheds her layers and walks freely into surrounding grass, finally at the ultimate level of peace.

“Nymph” appears on Brooke’s recently released album Sexorcism that dropped in October. The LP also features “FMU,” “Drip” and “XXXTC.”

Check out the adorably creepy “Nymph” video up above.

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