Brianna Hildebrand Is Super Into Once Upon A Deadpool’s PG-13 Rating

2016’s Deadpool was a game changer for the superhero genre, which has sometimes been accused of being too bloated and oversaturated. Ryan Reynolds’ franchise broke new ground, with the fourth-wall breaking Merc With The Mouth proving that an R rating was sustainable for blockbusters. Of course, that rating does exclude younger audiences from seeing the blockbusters, unless they have a guardian present.

But that changed with Once Upon A Deadpool, as Deadpool 2 was re-edited to change the rating, while also providing bonus content through a Princess Bride spoof with Fred Savage. Actress Brianna Hildebrand plays Negasonic Teenage Warhead in the franchise, and is totally into the new rating, recently saying:

Like the rest of the cast and crew, Brianna Hildebrand is all for Deadpool 2‘s return to theaters, especially given a new rating and framing device. The Deadpool franchise is known for its ability to push boundaries and make bold creative choices. And re-editing the massively successful sequel is just one of those ways.

The Deadpool franchise is notable for its R-Rating, allowing almost every twisted joke that Ryan Reynolds and conceive to make it into the film. But it also makes each blockbuster decidedly adult, therefore ignoring the market for adolescent comic book fans. But when 20th Century Fox moved around the release dates of X-Men movies like Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants, there was an open date, and Once Upon A Deadpool was born.

In her same conversation with THR, Brianna Hildebrand talked about the younger fans’ limited understanding of the franchise, with her role apparently one of the more family-friendly aspects. She said,

Considering how surly and prone to flip people off Negasonic is in both Deadpool movies, Brianna Hildebrand’s comments might surprise you. Then again, the franchise’s most raunchy material usually goes to the title character or TJ Miller’s Weasel. So a quick middle finger isn’t quite as bad in comparison.

It should be interesting to see how Negasonic Teenage Warhead ends up factoring into the future of the Deadpool and X-Force franchises. Deadpool 2 gave her a girlfriend, while also revealing she was also promoted to an official member of the X-Men.

Once Upon A Deadpool is in theaters now. Be sure to check out our 2019 release list to plan your trips to the movies in the New Year.

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