Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Reportedly Hung Out Again After the Oscars

    Brad Pitt finally took home his first (acting) Oscar at the 92 Annual Academy Awards, giving a heartfelt acceptance speech that had him looking back on his long career and saying, “Once upon a time in Hollywood, ain’t that the truth?” And while it was certainly a storybook ending to the actor’s very successful awards season, many were wondering about another fairytale obsession: his relationship with Jennifer Aniston.

    The former spouses (now just good friends) famously met up backstage during the SAG Awards earlier this year after both took home statues that night. Naturally, this meant several people had their eyes on them the night of the Oscars. Page Six reports that Pitt and Aniston did, indeed, run into each other at Guy Oseary’s famous after-party, which is typically co-hosted with Madonna, who’s currently on tour in Europe.

    Sadly, for those who dream of a romantic reunion between the two, it sounds like it was simply a friendly run-in between two people who hang in similar social and professional circles. “We’re told there was no sizzle this time around,” Page Six wrote. “Spies say that while Aniston congratulated Pitt on his win, they didn’t hang out long.”

    Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

    Well, that sounds decidedly normal and nice—which appears to be the current status of their relationship, in spite of all our projection over a romantic rekindling.

    Awards season is basically a months-long networking event for those who work in Hollywood—and now that it’s over, we’re likely to hear a lot less about Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston meet-ups. But we’ll always have the SAG Awards. What former couple America chooses to obsess over next is anybody’s guess—but we can’t imagine anyone will take over the Pitt-Aniston shaped hole that’s been present in our collective hearts since the aughts.

    That being said, Jennifer Aniston’s birthday is February 11, and Pitt famously attended her party last year. Maybe the same thing will happen this year.

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