Bop Shop Valentine’s Day Edition: Songs From Justin Bieber, DreamDoll, G-Eazy, And More

As the great scholar Liz Lemon once said, “Love is weird. And sometimes gross.” And, while there are surely some of you for whom today meets flowers, chocolates, and romantic candle-lit dinners with your old so-and-so, there are surely many of you who will spend today alone and justifiably bitter. Well, good for you that Moaning’s latest song and video “are perfect for everyone feeling like shit this Valentine’s Day,” the band says.

Despite what images the title may conjure, “Fall In Love” is about the anxiety of love. “If we fall in love, I will lose you,” sings Sean Solomon, who also created the track’s animated visual. In a statement, Solomon says, “The song is about being afraid to fall in love because of expecting heartbreak.” He also admits, “It’s a bummer of a song lyrically but it’s pretty fun to dance to!” —Bob Marshall

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