Bop Shop: Songs From Thundercat, Mel C, Masego, And More

You might find Ginger Root’s new music video particularly nostalgic, not only because it opens with some funky Windows 95 WordArt, but because it takes place at an office. Thankfully, their new music video for “Karaoke,” the first single off their upcoming album Rikki, is the perfect escape for the times. A mix of dreamy DIY, the ’70s, and Japanese city pop, the band is the brainchild of Cameron Lew, who not only has a hand in writing and producing their tracks, but in shooting and editing their videos. It’s hard to not crack a smile at his larger-than-life onscreen presence as he spends the video going from the bottom of the totem pole to office king, thanks to a mysterious karaoke VHS tape he finds on his car. A little quirky, a little retro, and completely addicting, this is one to watch. —Carson Mlnarik

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