Black Ops 4: 7 Tips For Blackout Beginners

Black Ops 4‘s battle royale mode, Blackout, is already a huge hit. But if you’re looking to fine-tune your skills and topple those 87 rivals, these seven tips might help you get the job done.

Whether you’re working with a partner, a squad of four or flying solo, there are a few basic guidelines that should help you improve your game across all Blackout modes. Even if you’re a seasoned veteran coming in from games like Fortnite or PUBG, the team at Treyarch has thrown in a few unique wrinkles to separate its big free-for-all mode from the pack and, thus, require at least a bit of preparation before diving in. Similarly, even if you’re a longtime Call of Duty fan, Blackout is a completely different beast when compared to the modes you’re used to finding in a game like Black Ops 4.

So whether you’re just now getting ready to take Blackout for a spin or need a few pointers to improve your odds, here are our seven tips for survival.

Don’t Be Picky About Your Gun

Whether you’re dropping into a crowded region on the Blackout map or aiming to pick through a few outlying buildings with the hopes of staying out of firefights in the early goings, the first thing you want to do when you hit the ground is find a gun.

Given the fact that this is a shooter, that might seem like a no-brainer. But you’d be surprised how many people just start grabbing anything and everything that’s lying around before arming themselves with a useful weapon. And by “useful weapon,” I mean anything that shoots bullets. Even if you don’t plan on hanging onto that pistol, if it’s the first gun you come across on the map, you should be picking it up.

The Blackout map is positively littered with gear, so it’s understandable that your eyes might get bigger than your stomach upon first parachuting in. But the best way to make sure you’re one of the first people to be sent to a new match is to lollygag around, grabbing ammo, healing items and various other pieces of gear while an opponent you didn’t see snags the first firearm they came across and gets the drop on you. Grab a gun, listen for approaching enemies, and then you can feel a bit more confident while filling out the rest of your arsenal.

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