Best Women’s Loafers for Fall 2018: Easy and Stylish Flats and Platforms

During the summer wearing shoes is easy. All you have to do is slip your toes into a pair of sandals and you’re done. Fall makes things a little more complicated. It isn’t that boots aren’t amazing, but sometimes things get awkward when you try to pair them with jeans or with socks or with tights. But until it’s chilly enough to worry about that, may we suggest taking a look at the best loafers to wear this season.

Like with sandals, you can just shimmy into a pair of loafers and you’re done. Some of the best loafers right now don’t have backs (also known as ‘the mule’) which means you can wear them solo on a warmer fall evening. Some have platforms which means they give you the height of a heel with the ease of a flip-flop. Other look more like a slipper (complete with fluff and cushioning, thank you Gucci) which means you can basically roll out of bed and wear them right out. Almost all of them look great with tights or knee high socks as demonstrated by Chloë Sevigny and Alexa Chung.

So if you’re starting to think about what shoes are best to invest in this fall, loafers are probably the way to go. Shop below for our top picks and all the best ways to wear them.

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