Best Personal Holiday Gift Ideas: Engravings, Monograms and More

Every Holiday season there’s an immense amount of pressure to come up with a great gift idea that’s insanely special. Realistically there are only so many one-of-a-kind presents out there which is why personalization with things like engravings and monograms is key. It’s a fool-proof way to show you care and that you do actually know your friend or partner’s middle name.

Obviously there are plenty of signet rings, necklaces and bracelets ripe for engraving. But there are some unexpected items out there that are also easily personalized like a great leather notebook, pair of high top converse and fluffy sherpa slippers. There’s even a special fruit necklace you can gift to your favorite healthy person with a gold enamel charm of their favorite fruit (forget cats or dogs; strawberries or blueberries?).

There’s two weeks left until Christmas but all of these presents will make it to you on time, so order fast and read on below for the best personal gift ideas that are guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind.

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