Best Halloween Couples Costume 2018: Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande

Iconic celebrity relationships make prime couples costumes for Halloween but often their looks can be a bitch to replicate. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake (2001 American Music Awards era) requires entirely too much denim. You need to have some pretty amazing suits on hand to pull off Mick and Bianca Jagger. And without the perfect matching blonde pixies, ’90s-era Gwyneth and Brad really just means wearing jeans and leather jackets, which will surely get you the dreaded “who are you guys supposed to be?!”

Luckily 2018 bestowed upon us a couple so instantly recognizable without the hassle of shopping for a million outdated pieces to get the costume right. If you’ve got a long ponytail, some sweats, a couple of lollipops, and a willingness to engage in over the top displays of public affection, voila: you’re Ariana Grande and Pete Davison, Halloween heroes.

Plus, dressing as Ariana and Pete gives you an excuse to use the wildly underrated cloud emoji constantly, comment excessively on your significant other’s latest Instagram and adopt a mini pig if that’s what you’re into. And if you plan on celebrating Halloween all weekend, you don’t need to brainstorm new costume every night—you can just recreate a different one of their iconic looks. Bless these two crazy kids, they’ve given us a lot to work with.

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