Best Cashmere Sweaters For Women Under $100

I take a simple approach to fall dressing: The cozier, the better. Fluffy camel coats? Count me in. Oversize knits? I have more than I can count. As soon as the temperature drops, I want feel like I’m wearing a Snuggie but look like I’m actually trying. Yet there’s one quintessentially fall piece that has eluded my grasp every season: the quality cashmere sweater that doesn’t cost a fortune. Most I gravitate toward clock in at $150 or more, which has kept me from pulling the trigger.

A solution to my cashmere sweater FOMO arrived this fall when several of my favorite brands launched affordable cashmere sweater collections. This cashmere, brands promised, is just as soft as the material you’ll find at a Burberry or Brooks Brothers but much, much less expensive. (And, in case of eco-friendly brands like Everlane and Naadam, it’s sustainably sourced too.) In the name of science and wallet-friendly fall fashion, I tested five affordable cashmere sweater options that are available now. And, in true millennial fashion, I documented my cashmere sweater looks in the Glamour bathroom mirror. All live up to their I-could-wear-this-forever hype, and all are $100 or less. Scroll on to find out which brands offer luxury-grade sweaters for a fraction of the price—and which takes home the prize for most affordable cashmere sweater.

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