Best Belts to Wear This Winter and How to Style Them

Phillip Faraone

As part of a very 2019 monochromatic outfit, a bedazzled, ’00s-inspired statement belt has worked its way back in our favor. Between appointments, a bold jacket frames the outfit (and the belt) perfectly.

Edward Berthelot

When the February closet doldrums set in, the corset belt you bought last spring plus fall’s boiler suit equals a whole new look.

Hanna Lassen

It’s all in the details: Every element of Olivia Palermo’s look adds a layer of flair, including a belt she could have picked up yesterday in Soho or swiped from her grandmother’s closet. (The best belts to invest in are those you’ll wear absolutely forever.)

Matthew Sperzel

For a fresh take on a classic skirt suit, look for one with a belted slim-cut double-breasted blazer. (Or style a belt over a blazer you already own.) An array of necklaces—from the delicate beads you bought at a beach surf shop to a “borrowed this from Kanye”–thick chain—make the timeless outfit look totally modern.

Edward Berthelot

If you can’t decide which style you love most, don’t forget to keep your search broad: Sometimes the best belts are hiding in the men’s department. Also consider a belt bag, which gives you the outfit update and lets you go hands-free.

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