Before A Quiet Place: Part II – 5 Things To Remember From The First Movie

    People Can Be A Threat

    When Lee and Marcus are walking through the woods to go home after gathering supplies and food, they stumble upon the dead body of a woman (Rhoda Pell). The woman’s companion, a man (Leon Russom), screams, in what we assume is a moment of great grief, to be killed along with her. This is a small moment in A Quiet Place, but it may be an important piece of the puzzle going into A Quiet Place: Part 2. The moment of the man and woman in the woods shows the state of many of the other families.

    Some people are possibly trying to survive, but it’s evident from the couple in the first film that this reality is a major strain on people. This could mean that the grief and pain of others in this world could present problems for families like the Abbotts, who are just trying to all survive. A Quiet Place: Part 2 trailer introduces Cillian Murphy’s character and he seems to be one of those people dealing with a lot of burden in this new world. This could mean that he could present a danger to the Abbott family, or he could be someone who has dealt with other humans who have been threats. The state of humanity since the monster invasion seems to be an important piece of A Quiet Place: Part 2’s storyline.

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