Battlefield V’s Battle Royale Mode Won’t Launch With The Game

If you were hoping to play the Battle Royale mode in Battlefield V at launch, your hopes will be quickly dashed with today’s news, because the Battle Royale mode will not launch with the game this November. No, you’ll have to wait some time before you can get your hands on the mode in DICE’s upcoming first-person shooter.

As depicted in the image above, the developmental roadmap for Battlefield V’s content stretches all the way into next year, during the spring of 2019. The Battle Royale mode won’t be available until March.

The mode is part of the Trial By Fire event and the map is known as Firestorm, which is rather appropriate given that it’s marked with an image of a fiery battleground set ablaze with the glowing orange embers of a forest awashed in flame. There’s more to the roadmap but the image stops at March, which is a decent enough time frame to give gamers an idea of what’s coming down the pipeline following the launch of the game.

The Battle Royale mode for Battlefield V will take place across the map set in Greece. DICE’s infographic also revealed that there will be a special Combined Arms mission to help flesh out the mode and give it some extra appeal.

The Battle Royale mode was originally announced for the game during its debut, but it wasn’t talked about much following the initial reveal. We knew that the mode was present, but beyond that we didn’t know anything about the player count, the map size, the vehicles, or anything else.

DICE and Electronic Arts have still been coy about the mode in general, leaving gamers to have to wonder about what the mode will feature in its entirety or how big the map will actually be, but given that it won’t be available until March, I imagine the team will spend plenty of time in between giving the community a rundown of the feature.

This is an opposite approach to what Treyarch did with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which initially launched with the Battle Royale mode right out of the gate.

Between December and January, however, there will be additional content made available for Battlefield V to keep gamers entertained, including a new War Story, a new practice mode, vehicle cosmetics, and a new location set in Belgium.

Between January and March there will be even more content released, all in hopes of keeping gamers occupied ahead of the Battle Royale release, this time including a new Combined Arms event, a new Grand Operations mission, the return of Rush for the multiplayer mode, and Squad Conquest. As noted over on the official website, the Grand Operations mode will be available at launch, even though there were some initial reports stating that it would not be available at launch.

The big question is: will this be enough content from November to March to keep gamers occupied while they wait for Battlefield V to receive its Battle Royale mode? It’s a risky move given that the holiday season is chock full of big titles, including AAA heavy hitters like Red Dead Redemption 2 that will have its multiplayer mode activated before the holiday season is out. One thing is for sure, you won’t be playing the Battle Royale mode in Battlefield V at launch.

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