Battlefield V Single Player Trailer Includes Mark Strong And Epic Action

Yesterday DICE promised that it would reveal the full single-player trailer for Battlefield V for all the world to see. The teaser contained plenty of NSFW language starring none other than Hollywood heavyweight, Mark Strong. Today, DICE followed through with the promise and released the full version of the trailer for all to see.

The trailer starts with the voiceover from Mark Strong. He gives a somber maxim about the moment of truth being the gateway into discovering who we really are. The trailer shows a collection of segments from the different War Stories featured in Battlefield V. We see a resistance fighter trekking across the northern mountains, a soldier being jailed, and some large-scale action sequences that span the breadth of Europe all the way to North Africa.

Visually the game definitely looks on point. It continues the sort of cinematic tradition that DICE began implementing into the series when it made a huge comeback in 2011 with Battlefield 3, which was the first time the series was looked at as a true market competitor for Activision’s Call of Duty series. The facial animations and general atmosphere look really good in the trailer, and it’s amazing to note that this is all running in-engine.

It’s a shame that the Frostbite doesn’t quite get the kind of mileage out of it that it could, but it’s still a nice alternative to AAA games produced using the Unreal Engine 4 or the CryEngine.

Another thing to note is that the trailer never dives into using the original theme song for Battlefield. I was waiting for the string section to kick in and the iconic leitmotif to make an appearance before the trailer rounded out, but instead there was just a build-up and swell of orchestrated music that then just kind of faded out. It was disappointing that DICE passed up an opportunity to really make the trailer shine with some of the traditional elements of the series.

The trailer’s tone was obviously completely different from the teaser trailer that the company put out the day before, which was filled with outtakes and lots of expletives being rolled out by Mark Strong. Here, the actor was more settled in and attempting to convey the gravitas and seriousness of the War Stories that will be playable in Battlefield V.

We still haven’t seen much of the actual gameplay from the single-player, but the game is still an entire month out from release, so I’m sure the single-player mode will get a little more love just like the Battle Royale mode heading into the big release.

You can look for Battlefield V to release early for Origin Access subscribers or for those who pre-order the game from the Battlefield website. For everyone else, you can look to get your hands on the game starting November 20th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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