Barbara Bush Is Glowing In New Wedding Photo

Here comes the bride! During a secret ceremony, Barbara Bush, the daughter of former United States president George W. Bush, tied the knot with Craig Coyne during a private wedding in Maine. Not much is known about the exclusive event, but there’s now an official look at the newfound bride, along with her famous father, walking down the aisle. In this photo, the bride-to-be is beaming as she gets ready to embark upon marriage. While it was a closed-off affair, it appears to have been a very joyous occasion for everyone involved. Take a look at the wedding photo of Barbara Bush below.

The wedding photo provides an intimate and up-close look at the recent nuptials ceremony. The soon-to-be bride herself, Barbara Bush, is smiling from ear-to-ear, while her father, George W. Bush, is also elated. While the husband of the hour isn’t in this particular photo, you can see other members of the presidential lineage in the background — including George H.W. Bush most notably, with a wide smile draped on his face. Barbara Bush’s dress is also highlighted in the photo.

The ceremony reportedly took place in coastal Maine, and it was held on Sunday with family and close friends in attendance. The news was announced on Monday, as it was reported by CNN, and the wedding was officiated by Dorothy Bush Koch, the aunt of the bride. In a statement found on Instagram, George W. Bush said the following words about her daughter, including the power of her name and what her virtues are on this special day.

Meanwhile, George W. Bush is soon set to be seen on the big screen in Adam McKay’s upcoming dramedy biopic Vice, where he will be played by recent Oscar winner Sam Rockwell. The well-viewed first trailer already gives us an eye for what to expect from the movie and the potential awards-contender is slated to hit theaters on Christmas Day, which is right smack dab in the heat of awards season. So, no pressure.

Of course, it’s not the first time the life and times of George W. Bush have been brought to the big screen. The 43rd President of the United States was perhaps most notably seen portrayed on the big screen in Oliver Stone’s 2008 biopic W., where the U.S. presidential figure was played by Josh Brolin. Of course, this time around, the story is less about Bush and more about his daughter Barbara. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more about the nuptials.

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