Bad Boys For Life: What To Remember From The First Two Movies

Marcus Is A Family Man, And Very Protective In That Respect

If Marcus comes across as a bit reticent at times in his work, particularly during massive gun fights, it’s because he has a lot of people at home who love and depend on him. He has a loving wife in Theresa (Theresa Randle, who returns in Bad Boys For Life) and three children – James, Quincy, and Megan. As an extension of his desire to support his family, he’s not only a bit cautious in his work, but also very protective of the associations family members forge with outsiders. 

This is on full display when Marcus and Mike intimidate a potential boyfriend of Megan’s, Reggie (Dennis Greene), when he comes to pick her up for a date. This trepidation around men looking for romantic relationships with those in his bloodline even extends to Mike, as seen in Bad Boys II with his sister, Syd (Gabrielle Union). On that note…

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