Azealia Banks Has Some Blunt Thoughts About Lana Del Rey Following Kanye Tweets

Azealia Banks isn’t happy with Lana Del Rey right now. The rap artist didn’t mince her word when she went on social media and provided her criticisms towards Lana Del Rey and her comments against Kanye West, who posted a controversial statement on Twitter before he recently deleted his account.

In her statement addressed towards Del Rey, Azealia Banks criticized the singer-songwriter for her “vapid attempts” to “seem politically aware”, when she believes Del Rey could direct her online outrage elsewhere. Here’s what Azealia Banks wrote on social media.

The pointed tweet from Azealia Banks directed towards Lana Del Rey was in the midst of a Twitter thread, where she took Del Rey to task for her disgruntlement with the “Summertime Sadness” singer-songwriter on a variety of different talking points– including Del Rey’s working relationship with A$AP Rocky.

It seems like Azealia Banks believes Lana Del Rey has “selective outrage” in what speaks out against, especially on her social media feeds. The Twitter thread from Banks wasn’t afraid to point fingers at Lana Del Rey, and provide a wealth of criticism against the musician based on what she talks about.

Azealia Banks’ comments were in response to the following address made by Lana Del Rey on Kanye West’s since-deleted Instagram account. Be warned: some of the content in this social media comment related to The President of the United States is graphic in nature.

Lana Del Rey hasn’t responded to Azealia Banks’ criticisms, nor has Kanye West commented on the statement made by Del Rey in his own deleted Instagram page.

Kanye West doesn’t appear to be taking any criticism made against his beliefs and associations with President Donald Trump to heart. He was reportedly meeting with the 45th President of the United States sometime this week in order to discuss a number of different sensitive topics, including gang violence and efforts to seek reform for violence in Chicago. There’s no word on when that meeting is supposed to take place — assuming it hasn’t already taken place today.

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